Washington, D.C. Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Washington D.C. Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Washington D.C. Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Healthcare plans crafted by Insurance providers, and plans offered through the federal or state exchanges, are often lacking in coverage. In addition, these plans usually follow a blueprint, ensuring that no plan is different. However, Americans are not monoliths and neither are their healthcare needs.

Americans need healthcare that is individualized towards those under a specific plan. Nowhere is this more apparent than with group healthcare insurance plans provided by independent agencies.

Independent agencies, like Taylor Benefits Insurance, offer custom group healthcare insurance plans that are not in competition with insurance providers or other plans offered in your area. Each plan is unique to reflect the unique needs of groups seeking coverage. At Taylor Benefits Insurance, we have more than 25 years of experience writing custom plans, and we can write a custom plan for you group as well.

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How Taylor Benefits Can Help You

The following benefits are provided in our custom group healthcare insurance plans. More benefits can be added, depending on the needs of the groups seeking a custom plan. However, for most individuals, the coverage provided below is enough to meet their needs.

  • Medical, dental, and vision
  • Short-term and long-term group disability
  • Pension, retirement, and 401K
  • Section 125 cafeteria, flex spending, and HSA
  • Life insurance and long-term care
  • Uninsured Residents Need Group Insurance in Washington DC

    5.2% of Washington, DC residents did not have health insurance coverage in 2016. This is alarming. It had been six years since Obamacare was enacted. In Washington, it is practically impossible to avoid talk about healthcare in the region since politicians have been going back and forth for years regarding the Affordable Care Act. For this 5.2% who are uninsured, they need a better plan than any that Obamacare can provide them. This is where group healthcare insurance plans come in.

    Group healthcare insurance plans are more affordable, more comprehensive, broader, and more cost-effective than individual plans offered through the federal exchange. If the reason that this 5.2% is uninsured is financial issues, having more affordable healthcare within their grasp is a step in the right direction.

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    Make the Switch to Group Insurance Today

    Don’t settle for less. If you are looking for comprehensive healthcare insurance that you can afford, why not consider switching to group insurance with 50 of your friends? The coverage you receive will be broader, more comprehensive, and more affordable. You will have more control over the healthcare you receive, and the premiums that you pay to receive it. These are the advantages that group healthcare insurance plans can provide you.

    Everyone Should Be Able to Afford Healthcare

    Contact us today for a free estimate. Our estimates are provided to prospective clients without the need for payment. There is also no obligation to enroll in a plan. If you are uninsured due to financial reasons, consider making the switch to group healthcare insurance today. Your premiums will be lower, your plan will be more affordable, and you will receive more healthcare coverage for your money than any individual plan could provide you.

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