Tampa Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Tampa Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

For the best in health insurance, you should consult an independent agency. Independent agencies like Taylor Benefits Insurance are able to provide you with group healthcare insurance plans that are more comprehensive, more customizable, and more affordable, than other plans available to you locally. If you are not satisfied with insurance plans from established insurance providers, or plans available through the federal exchange, you should consider contacting an independent agency today. Taylor Benefits Insurance can provide you with a better insurance plan because it is not in competition with the federal exchange or insurance providers. Therefore, Taylor Benefits can focus on you, the client, to provide you with the best group healthcare insurance plan for your budget. With over 25 years of experience writing custom plans for clients, Taylor Benefits Insurance can lower your rates, lower your premiums, and raise the amount of benefits you receive for your money.

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How Clients of Independent Agencies Benefit More

The following essential health benefits are offered to all our group clients when they request a group healthcare insurance plan. If there is a health benefit you need that is not listed below, it can be added to your plan.

Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Tampa

Tampa (Florida) residents paid an average of 8.2% for their healthcare in 2015. This is a staggering amount when you consider that the total expenses paid by the average resident was an average of $52,020. The median household income, by contrast, was $44,432. This means that the average resident made approximately $8,000 less than what they spent. Operating at a deficit may work for a business or for a government, but it is unrealistic for individual residents to adhere to. Tampa residents need to lower their expenses, and healthcare is no exception. Choosing group healthcare from an independent agency is a smart decision. Enrolling in a group healthcare insurance plan will save you money, and you can still receive the same healthcare benefits or better. Group insurance from independent agencies is an open secret within the insurance industry.

Tampa group health benefits and employee insurance plans

Why Independent Agencies are Better

Independent agencies are not in competition with insurance providers or the federal exchange. At Taylor Benefits Insurance, we write custom group healthcare insurance plans for clients. You control the rates and premiums you are contracted to pay because you control the healthcare benefits you receive in a group plan. If you think that group insurance may be for you, contact an independent agency today.

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The Taylor Benefits Promise

For more information regarding the advantages of group healthcare insurance, contact Taylor Benefits Insurance today. We will provide you with a free estimate so you can see the difference for yourself. Lower your rates and premiums today! There is no obligation to enroll in a plan, and you are under no obligation to pay, in order to receive your estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance And Employee Benefit Plans in Tampa, Florida

Here are some answers to common questions about health insurance plans and employee benefits in Tampa, Florida.

What Are the Benefits of Large Group Health Insurance plans in Tampa, Florida?

Large group insurance is beneficial to participants and employers. Because insurance payments are split between employer and employee, one significant benefit is that it allows employees to save money compared to an individual insurance plan. Large group insurance helps protect the workforce, increases employee turnover, and provides tax incentives to employers. For employees with pre-existing conditions, a large group health insurance can provide coverage for any needs you may need before enrolling.

What Is Considered a Small Business Group for Health Insurance Plans in Tampa, Florida?

For a business to be eligible for a small group health insurance plan in Tampa, it must have 50 employees and a minimum of one employee. If a company surpasses this number of employees, they’ll have to sign up for a large group health insurance plan. Small business owners can apply for this group insurance if they have at least one employee, which doesn’t include the employer and the employee’s family member.

What is Normally Included in the Benefits Package in Tampa, Florida?

Employee benefits are incentives a company offers to its employee’s asides from their basic salary. While some of these benefits are mandatory, some are voluntarily provided by the company. Therefore, the benefits included in a benefits package may differ between companies. However, some benefits an employer may generally include in a benefits package are health insurance, retirement plans, paid sick leave, and employee discounts. Some employers may offer benefits like gym memberships, flexible work schedules, unlimited vacation days, child care, and remote work. 

How Much Do Employers Pay for Health Insurance?

Business owners may need to provide health insurance for their employees and allocate a large portion of their budget to do so. The amount an employer pays for health insurance generally depends on the insurer, the plan’s coverage, and the percentage of the premium paid by the employer. However, on average, health insurance plans cost an employer more than $16000 annually per employee for a family plan. And an individual insurance plan costs more than $6000 annually per employee. The employers pay more than 70% of the premium for the family plan and more than 60% of health insurance premiums for individual plans. 

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