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Taylor Benefits Insurance has over 25 years experience providing top-notch employee benefit plans and group health insurance packages in Oregon.  We set the bar high when it comes to offering personalized service when creating customized business packages designed specifically to meet your company needs.  Taylor Benefits prides itself on providing comprehensive and affordable insurance to your valued employees while constantly figuring ways to effectively cut costs for you as the employer.

We specialize in the following:

Taylor Benefits works independently which allows us to draw resources from many different insurance companies in an effort to provide you with the most comprehensive packages at the lowest rates possible.  Whether you run a small business with 10 employees or need a package deal for over a thousand, we can help!

Healthcare in Oregon is constantly evolving, so Taylor Benefits Insurance must be flexible.  We   consistently keep informed of the changes, so your company will remain compliant through it all.

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How does the Affordable Care Act affect your Oregon business?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), often referred to simply as Obamacare, was revolutionary in its time.  It allowed the uninsured population all over our country to afford insurance where before it may not have been a feasible option.  Of course, it also greatly affected the way insurance was provided in the workplace.  Oregon companies were especially effected by the changes.

Many businesses were forced to restructure their insurance plans entirely, which was a pricey expenditure.  Taylor Benefits Insurance can help review your policies, offering suggestions or alternatives to ensure you stay in compliance of the ACA while also conforming to your budget.  We are constantly offering updated packages to positively influence your bottom line, while providing the most comprehensive coverage to your employees.

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