New York Group Health Insurance & Health Benefit Plans

Taylor Benefits has more than 25 years experience providing group healthcare insurance plans for residents of New York State. We provide custom healthcare plans to groups, as we do not operate restricted by insurance providers or existing healthcare plans. We operate outside these restraints, allowing us to tailor health care to our clients and their needs.

New York group health benefits and employee insurance plans

Get the coverage you need and want with a custom healthcare plan. We provide the following health care insurance options for all our plans.

For a free consultation, with no obligation to buy, contact Taylor Benefits today. We can assess your health care insurance needs, and match specific services to you. Our knowledgeable staff will research every angle to find the health care policies, laws, mandates, and more, that apply to your group and to your needs.


New York and Group Insurance

New York state is more accommodating to group health care insurance plans than other states. Some other states require groups of 50 or more to purchase group plans. New York state allows group plans for groups of up to 100 individuals. Since you can have twice the amount of individuals on a group plan, the increased pool of money allows for a more diverse plan with broader, and deeper, coverage, depending on the needs of the group.

Group insurance is available for groups of 2-100 New York residents. All group insurance plans provide essential health benefits like outpatient care, maternity care, rehabilitative devices, preventive services, and more. Although many individuals seeking group health care insurance are employers looking for small business and employee plans, you do not need to be an employer to purchase a group plan.

With affordable, quality health care plans available on the state exchange from the New York Department of Health, which can be viewed here, Taylor Benefits can compile a group insurance plan that works for you, and your wallet. Group plans provide more coverage for less money, a winning combination that will take care of the health care needs of you and your group.

To view essential plan information for New York residents, please see this resource provided by the New York State Department of Health.

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