Miami Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Miami Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Taylor Benefits Insurance is an independent agency with over 25 years of experience writing custom group healthcare insurance plans for clients. Our plans are unique and custom-tailored in order to fit the demands of our clients’ healthcare coverage needs. Group healthcare insurance is the best-kept secret in healthcare today. You can achieve more comprehensive healthcare coverage at a more affordable cost with group insurance. We are not in competition with other insurance providers, nor are our plans forced to compete with plans offered via Obamacare on the federal exchange. Beyond the mandated essential health benefits we are required to include by law, we can customize your insurance plan at will.

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Benefits We Provide Our Clients

Our group healthcare insurance plans include the following benefits. These benefits are advantageous to the majority of our clients. If you need more specialized services, however, we can help provide them at a more affordable rate than other plans or providers.

Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Miami

In 2017, the average Miami (Florida) resident spent $48,967 overall on their annual expenditures, including $2,929 on healthcare. Although the price of healthcare may seem low, especially when considering the cost of insurance, deductibles, premiums, and the amount of coverage, it still comprises 6% of all annual expenditures. The average salary in Miami, however, is $52,677.

Miami group health insurance plans
For every individual making more than the average salary, an individual is making less. Consider the fact that not every resident has an income, and the situation looks even more troubling. Young professionals in their mid and late 20s are lucky to make a salary that high. It may very well be the case that young residents are spending more than they are making due to the high costs of living. Any reduction in one’s expenditures is welcome, including healthcare costs. Group healthcare insurance plans are more affordable than individual insurance plans. If you believe you are paying too much for your healthcare, contact an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance about switching plans today.

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Lower Costs with Taylor Benefits Insurance

Our group healthcare insurance plans are custom-written. This is the benefit of requesting group insurance from an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance. You will find that your new healthcare insurance plan is more comprehensive, and more affordable, than your old plan when you make the switch to group healthcare insurance. Contact an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance to see if group healthcare insurance can benefit you.

The Taylor Benefits Promise

We offer free estimates to prospective clients. Each client is different and each free estimate is tailored to meet the needs of future clients. We can help you reduce the costs you pay for healthcare, leaving more money in your pocket. You are under no obligation to purchase a plan, or enroll in one, in order to receive an estimate. Contact us and learn about the benefits of switching to a group healthcare insurance plan today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance And Employee Benefit Plans in Miami, Florida

These are brief answers to common questions about health insurance in Miami, Florida.

What Are the Benefits of Large Group Health Insurance Plans in Miami, Florida?

A large group health insurance plan is an effective choice for companies with more than 50 employees in Miami, Florida. The primary advantage of a large group health insurance plan is that it provides insurance at a lower cost because it offers a significant discount when purchased.

Students can also be covered by large group health insurance plans. This plan is ideal for individuals who cannot afford health insurance. Another benefit of large group health insurance is:

  • Employee vision insurance and care
  • Employees’ medical coverage
  • Comprehensive healthcare plan
  • Employees’ major medical expenses
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Employee wellness drives
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Deductibles
  • Coinsurance
  • Employer-sponsored (funded) Medicare/Medicaid enrollment
  • Employee dental programs and coverage
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

How Do Small Business Group Health Insurance Plans Work in Miami, Florida?

There are basically five ways that Group Health Insurance Plans in Miami, Florida, operate for small businesses.

Most small firms can afford basic group health insurance coverage. Employers just pay predetermined health plan premiums to provide health benefits to their employees under this plan. In some cases, they provide insurance for their employees’ families. However, the employee may bear a portion of the cost.

The Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA) is the second health insurance plan to examine. Employers may provide a set amount of money in benefits to employees each month (at their discretion).

You can also invest in Group Coverage Health insurance plans. The employer would provide group health insurance to the employee as well as a monthly stipend to cover other expenditures.

Self-funded plans are the riskiest choice for small business health insurance. Employees submit their medical expenses or prescribed medications to their employers, who compensate them based on the cost of the bills rather than monthly premiums.

Finally, for small businesses, Associate Health Plans (AHPs) are a high-risk investment. An AHP is formed when a collection of smaller firms in the same industry or region band together to acquire coverage for a larger group health plan from an insurance provider.

What Type of Benefits Do Employers Offer in Miami, Florida?

The majority of top Miami, Florida businesses provide health insurance that covers a variety of medical treatments and equipment, such as surgical operations, prescription drugs, and doctor’s appointments.

Most employers, for example, do not cover plastic surgery since it is viewed as unnecessary for employees. Since most healthcare plans exclude dental and vision coverage, they must be purchased individually.

How Much Do Employers Pay for Health Insurance?

Every employee can contribute to their company’s health insurance, regardless of how much they are required to pay. On average, an employee will spend $3240 annually, or $270 per month, which is around three times less than the average cost of healthcare in the United States.

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