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Jacksonville group health insurance plans

Jacksonville FL Large Group Health Insurance Plans

Large companies are more likely than small ones to provide health insurance as a benefit for their workforce. However, this was true even before the Affordable Care Act required all companies with fifty or more workers to do so. Big businesses also are more likely to have more than one plan that workers can choose between and a subsidy for the premium costs. The ACA’s affordability standard states that employers can’t require subscribers to pay more than 9.61 percent of their income for the monthly premium. However, as long as one plan premium complies, the worker can choose a different one with a higher premium cost.

In general, subscribers still prefer PPO structures over HMO systems, even when the cost is higher. When asked, many workers say it’s because the HMO doesn’t include their preferred provider, or they would rather not go through a primary care physician to get approval to visit a specialist. Also, while a PPO subscriber may pay more for service outside the network, they can get assistance out of the network if they want. In contrast, with an HMO, the patient may not be entitled to any out-of-network care unless it’s an emergency.

Jacksonville FL Small Business Health Insurance Plans

The marketplace for small businesses—called SHOP and created by the follow-ups to the ACA legislation– has resources for smaller companies that want to offer health insurance to their workers. Companies can research the options for coverage, pricing, and information about tax credits. Taylor Benefits Insurance can help you locate the support available. Small companies must meet these criteria to be eligible for the tax credit:

  • Employ less than 25 employees (not counting seasonal workers)
  • Pay salaries that average $50,000 or less
  • Pay half or more of each employee’s premium
  • Offer a qualified plan

Jacksonville FL Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

A good benefits package should contain diverse components designed to appeal to most of a company’s workers. For example, many employees want health insurance and paid time off. While large companies must offer health insurance due to the provisions of the ACA, about half of small firms provide it without being required to do so. Paid time off is less available but, like insurance, is more commonly offered by larger businesses.

Beyond those perks, the top requests for benefits include:

  • Family leave
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible working schedules
  • Childcare support
  • Tuition reimbursement

Table of Contents

  1. How Taylor Benefits Can Help You
  2. Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Jacksonville
  3. The Benefits of Taylor Benefits Insurance
  4. The Taylor Benefits Promise

Jacksonville Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

With over 25 years’ experience in writing group healthcare plans, Taylor Benefits Insurance can provide you and your group with the plan you need. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to write custom healthcare insurance plans as we are not limited by any carrier or plan. We can even write plans that do not rely on the state or federal exchange.

We make group insurance plans affordable, approachable, and reachable to residents in Jacksonville, Florida.

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How Taylor Benefits Can Help You

Benefits in our group plans are as follows. While these are the main benefits we offer, you can see how diverse the range of benefits is. This is due to the increased purchasing power that group insurance plans provide. You simply do not have many options available to you through an individual or family insurance plan.

Here is some of what we offer:

Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Jacksonville

In 2017 alone, over 1.7 million Floridians purchased private healthcare insurance through the federal exchange. However, with politicians wanting to replace and repeal Obamacare, millions of Floridians could lose their current healthcare insurance plans. They could also be forced out of their plans if insurance providers simply raise the premiums until the plans themselves are unaffordable.

Floridians need insurance that is affordable, provides broad coverage, and will be stable should Obamacare be repealed. The only way to ensure this is to purchase a plan outside of the state or federal exchange and to do so with an independent agency.

With the future of healthcare so uncertain, Taylor Benefits Insurance is here to simplify your healthcare problems with attractive group insurance plans.

Jacksonville group health benefits and employee insurance plans


Employer and agent account management services involve supporting and assisting employers and agents in managing their accounts and accessing various services related to employee benefits, insurance, and other business needs. This may include setting up new accounts, updating account information, processing claims, providing training and support, and resolving issues or concerns. These services help streamline the account management process and ensure employers and agents can access the resources they need to effectively manage their accounts and provide the best possible service to their employees or clients. 

Jacksonville health insurance for Students: How much does Florida Community College at Jacksonville health insurance cost a college student?

The cost of health insurance at Florida State College at Jacksonville for a college student varies based on coverage, but the amount mentioned for health insurance coverage is $450​​. This figure appears to be part of the estimated living expenses for international students, so it’s essential to note that the actual cost may depend on the specific plan and coverage selected. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, directly contacting the college or visiting their official website is recommended.

What are the key benefits of Jacksonville Group Health Insurance for small businesses?

  1. Cost savings: Group health insurance typically offers lower premiums than individual health insurance plans, making it more affordable for small businesses to provide employee coverage.
  2. Attract and retain top talent: Offering group health insurance can help small businesses attract and retain top talent by providing a valuable benefit that employees value.
  3. Improved employee morale and productivity: Health insurance coverage can boost employee morale and productivity by showing that the employer cares about their well-being and financial security.
  4. Tax benefits: Small businesses may be eligible for tax deductions on premiums paid for group health insurance, providing additional cost savings.
  5. Access to a wider network of healthcare providers: Group health insurance plans often provide access to a larger network, giving employees more options for their healthcare needs.
  6. Compliance with healthcare regulations: Offering group health insurance helps small businesses comply with healthcare regulations, such as the Affordable Care Act, which may require employers to provide health insurance coverage to their employees.
  7. Health and wellness programs: Some group health insurance plans offer additional benefits, such as health and wellness programs, that can help employees stay healthy and reduce healthcare costs for the employer.

How does Jacksonville Group Health Insurance comply with state regulations?

Jacksonville Group Health Insurance complies with state regulations by ensuring that their plans meet the minimum coverage requirements set by the state, following guidelines for premium rates, and providing necessary disclosures to policyholders as mandated by the state. 

How can companies reduce their premiums for Jacksonville Group Health Insurance?

Companies can reduce their Jacksonville Group Health Insurance premiums by implementing wellness programs, offering high-deductible plans, negotiating with insurance providers for lower rates, and encouraging employees to take advantage of preventive care services. 

How does Jacksonville Group Health Insurance handle emergency care coverage?

Group Health Insurance typically covers emergency care as part of their health insurance plans. This coverage includes ambulance transportation, emergency room visits, and urgent care visits for sudden and serious medical conditions. Members may be required to pay a copayment or coinsurance for emergency care services.

The Benefits of Taylor Benefits Health Insurance

Taylor Benefits Insurance does not rely on Obamacare for our plans. We write them ourselves based on the needs of our clients. As such, should Obamacare be replaced or repealed in the near future, our clients will not be affected by it. They will continue to benefit from the great healthcare insurance plans we wrote for their group, and they will continue to receive coverage under those plans.

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Obamacare is a great step forward in providing healthcare as a universal human right. However, Obamacare was enacted by partisan politics, and it can be repealed with such. You need a stronger assurance that you will receive healthcare insurance than a law that can be repealed or replaced.

Relevant Statistics

  • In Jacksonville, over 90% of businesses offer group health insurance to their employees.
  • The average monthly premium for group health insurance in Jacksonville is $355 per employee.
  • Approximately 80% of individuals covered by group health insurance in Jacksonville receive employer contributions towards their premiums.
  • Around 70% of employers in Jacksonville provide dental coverage as part of their group health insurance plans.
  • Jacksonville has seen a 15% increase in the number of businesses offering group health insurance in the past five years.

General Facts

  • Jacksonville Group Health Insurance refers to health insurance plans offered to groups of people, typically through employers or organizations.
  • These group insurance plans usually provide coverage for a variety of medical services, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications.
  • Group health insurance often offers more affordable premiums compared to individual health insurance plans.
  • In Jacksonville, Florida, there are several insurance providers that offer group health insurance options tailored to the needs of different businesses and organizations.
  • To qualify for group health insurance in Jacksonville, a business or organization typically needs to have a certain number of eligible employees who want to enroll in the plan.

The Taylor Benefits Promise

At Taylor Benefits Insurance, we offer free estimates to groups considering group healthcare insurance plans. Contact us today to learn just how advantageous group healthcare insurance can be. Do not rely on the state or federal exchanges when we can write a more robust, more personalized group healthcare insurance plan for you today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance And Employee Benefit Plans in Jacksonville, FL

Here are some answers to frequent concerns about health insurance plans and employee benefits packages in Jacksonville, Florida.

What Large Group Health Insurance Providers Are in Jacksonville, Florida?

The market for group health insurance plans is a complex issue for large employers. With many large group health insurance providers competing for the same clientele, it may seem challenging to find one that serves your needs well enough. Some large group health insurance providers in Jacksonville, Florida, are Aetna, Florida Blue, UnitedHealthcare Insurance,  Celtic Insurance, and Cigna Health Insurance, among others. Overall you need to compare health insurance providers to ensure that you find the best one for your needs.

How do Small Business Groups Insurance Plans Cost on Average in Jacksonville, Florida?

Because insurance is a numbers game, the cost of a small group health insurance plan will depend on the insurer and the coverage. Even though health insurance premiums have shown a downward trend in the past few years, they can still cost about $410 per employee monthly and between $3,000 to $4,000 annually. Therefore, small business owners may need to put aside a few hundred dollars for health insurance plans for each employee. However, group plans cost less than individual plans.

In Jacksonville, Florida, What is Normally Included in the Benefits Package?

The benefits included in an employee benefits package varies. But some of the standard benefits employees may expect in their packages in Jacksonville are health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, Medicare and social security benefits, family and medical leave, and retirement and 401k. These benefits are mandatory benefits that every employer is expected to provide. However, an employer may offer pet insurance, gym membership, life insurance, and identity theft protection.

What Percent of Health Insurance is Paid by Employers?

Health insurance is one of the mandatory benefits expected from employers. The health insurance premiums are typically split between employers and employers and help both parties save money as it costs less than an individual plan. However, employers usually pay between 70% to 80% of the insurance premiums, depending on the coverage. While large employers may contribute a more significant percentage of the insurance premiums, small employers may pay 50% of the premiums while their employees pay the remaining 50%. That is major because small employers cannot afford to make the kind of contributions that large businesses can.

Can health insurance in jacksonville cover cosmetic surgeries?

Typically, health insurance in Jacksonville, or anywhere for that matter, won’t cover cosmetic surgeries. Health insurance focuses on medically necessary procedures to diagnose or treat health conditions. Cosmetic surgeries are considered elective because they aim to improve appearance rather than address a medical need.

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