Jacksonville Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Jacksonville Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

With over 25 years’ experience in writing group healthcare plans, Taylor Benefits Insurance can provide you and your group with the plan you need. As an independent insurance agency, we are able to write custom healthcare insurance plans as we are not limited by any carrier or plan. We can even write plans that do not rely on the state or federal exchange.

We make group insurance plans affordable, approachable, and reachable to residents in Jacksonville, Florida.

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How Taylor Benefits Can Help You

Benefits in our group plans are as follows. While these are the main benefits we offer, you can see how diverse the range of benefits is. This is due to the increased purchasing power that group insurance plans provide. You simply do not have many options available to you through an individual or family insurance plan.

Here is some of what we offer:

  • Medical, dental, and vision
  • Short-term and long-term group disability
  • Pension, retirement, and 401K
  • Section 125 cafeteria, flex spending, and HSA
  • Life insurance and long-term care
  • Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Jacksonville

    In 2017 alone, over 1.7 million Floridians purchased private healthcare insurance through the federal exchange. However, with politicians wanting to replace and repeal Obamacare, millions of Floridians could lose their current healthcare insurance plans. They could also be forced out of their plans if insurance providers simply raise the premiums until the plans themselves are unaffordable.

    Floridians need insurance that is affordable, provides broad coverage, and will be stable should Obamacare be repealed. The only way to ensure this is to purchase a plan outside of the state or federal exchange and to do so with an independent agency.

    With the future of healthcare so uncertain, Taylor Benefits Insurance is here to simplify your healthcare problems with attractive group insurance plans.

    Jacksonville group health benefits and employee insurance plans

    The Benefits of Taylor Benefits Insurance

    Taylor Benefits Insurance does not rely on Obamacare for our plans. We write them ourselves based on the needs of our clients. As such, should Obamacare be replaced or repealed in the near future, our clients will not be affected by it. They will continue to benefit from the great healthcare insurance plans we wrote for their group, and they will continue to receive coverage under those plans.

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    Obamacare is a great step forward in providing healthcare as a universal human right. However, Obamacare was enacted by partisan politics, and it can be repealed with such. You need a stronger assurance that you will receive healthcare insurance than a law that can be repealed or replaced.

    The Taylor Benefits Promise

    At Taylor Benefits Insurance, we offer free estimates to groups considering group healthcare insurance plans. Contact us today to learn just how advantageous group healthcare insurance can be. Do not rely on the state or federal exchanges when we can write a more robust, more personalized group healthcare insurance plan for you today.

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