North Carolina Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Taylor Benefits Insurance has 2.5 decades worth of experience and knowledge helping match clients to group insurance plans that work for them. Our insurance plans are unique in the healthcare marketplace since we write them ourselves, choosing not to rely on existing plans that limit our clients. Our plans are affordable and custom-designed to work best for you.

North Carolina group health insurance plans

The following services are available to our clients when they purchase a custom-designed plan.

Taylor Benefits Insurance is an independent agency providing group healthcare insurance plans to clients. As such, we are not regulated by the market to provide specific plans and we are not limited by specific insurance plan carriers. We are able to provide a wider range of options to our clients as a result, which make us more versatile, and our plans more open to customization, than other insurance providers.

Contact us today to discuss our group health insurance plans for North Carolina residents, and your goals for group health care insurance. We require no obligation or payment, and we will provide free estimates for your group. Get the coverage you need at the price you want with an independent insurance agency today!

North Carolina and Group Insurance

Obamacare, enacted in 2010, has regulated the health care insurance field. While regulation is synonymous with limitation, especially when it comes to health care options provided to groups, as an independent agency, we can cultivate custom plans that compare positively against plans offered through Obamacare.

Taylor Benefits Insurance, due to its relative autonomy navigating the health insurance field, is able to provide better plans at lower prices than the competition. We do this by examining your business and comparing it to plans offered to similar businesses in your field. We then research relevant health care law, as well as your wants and needs for group health care insurance. We take all this information and compile it into a health care plan that works for your group.

To view the current group health care plans provided to North Carolina residents under Obamacare, please see this resource from the federal government’s

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