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Atlanta group health insurance plans

Atlanta GA Large Group Health Insurance Plans

Employees can often enroll on a calendar year basis with company-based health insurance plans. Workers may sign up when they become eligible after starting work or during an open enrollment period which may occur in the fall to be effective the following year. Usually, after the worker enrolls in a plan, they can’t make changes until the next open enrollment period. So if you miss open enrollment, you have to wait.

However, “qualifying events” allow a worker to add, change, or remove coverage. These triggers include marriage, divorce, adding to the family, and losing or gaining insurance from another source. For example, perhaps an employee was covered by their partner’s company-sponsored program, but the partner changed jobs and lost that coverage. That event would qualify to enable the worker to add participation in their own employer-based program. Similarly, if a young adult is covered on their mother or father’s plan but turns 26 and is no longer eligible. That qualifying event allows them to sign up for new coverage.

Or suppose an employee enrolled in a plan at work, but their partner gets better coverage at a new company. In that case, the enrolled employee can drop their employer coverage because of the qualifying event.

Atlanta GA Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Small companies concerned with the cost of health insurance may want to consider other ways of assisting their workers with health care. One tool that the ACA developed is the Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA). This is an account an employer establishes for their employees. With a QSEHRA, the company decides how much to contribute to the employee’s accounts. Then, when the workers pay for their health care expenses, they submit a claim for reimbursement to the QSEHRA. The employees must have an ACA-compliant plan to use their QSEHRA funds. Also, if the employer contributes to an account and an employee doesn’t use the available funds in the year allocated, they don’t lose the money. Instead, the employee can save it for future needs, or the employer can retrieve it.

Atlanta GA Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

A retirement savings plan is one of the benefits that employees often prioritize, although participation rates are low in companies that offer one.

For businesses that want to offer this support, there are good options for all company sizes. The SEP-IRA (Simplified Employee Pension Individual Retirement Account) is an excellent choice for small firms with less than twenty workers. It’s flexible because the owner can decide whether to contribute or not each year.

Bigger companies may look at the SIMPLE IRA, which has more options. In either a SEP or SIMPLE plan, any contribution the business makes immediately belongs to the account holder with no vesting period. This waiver of vesting provides the employer with a safe harbor for compliance with nondiscrimination protocols.

And finally, significant corporations can support a 401(k), with more investment choices for the workforce.

Atlanta Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Taylor Benefits Insurance is an independent agency with over 25 years of experience writing custom group healthcare insurance plans for clients. Clients unsatisfied with their current options available from insurance providers and the federal exchange should consider switching to group insurance. Our plans are more comprehensive and more affordable than other existing plans because we are not in competition with either the federal exchange or insurance providers. Beyond the essential health benefits we include in our plans as mandated by Obamacare, our plans are unique to best fit our clients’ needs. Get the healthcare coverage and insurance you want today, with a group insurance plan custom-written by an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance.

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Essential Health Benefits We Offer

Atlanta residents need better healthcare insurance plans. For this reason and more, we include the following benefits in all our group healthcare insurance plans that we write for clients. Get the coverage you need at the price you want.

Athens group health benefits and employee insurance plans

Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Atlanta

Healthcare options do not look good for Georgia residents, and this applies to Atlanta residents as well. Ranked last in a nationwide study of the healthcare coverage and insurance options available to every state, some statistics are shocking. Georgia offers fewer essential health insurance benefits and less rate reviews than the average score nationwide, for example. This means that Atlanta residents receive fewer benefits, while having their rates increase more. Stop paying for inferior individual healthcare insurance today! You should not have to work for adequate healthcare coverage and insurance. It should have to work for you. With this recent study, it seems like healthcare coverage and insurance, at least on an individual level, does not. Atlanta residents interested in receiving comprehensive healthcare insurance at an affordable rate should consider switching to group healthcare insurance. Group healthcare insurance is not affected by the decisions of insurance providers, or plans offered through the federal exchange.

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Why Group Insurance from an Independent Agency is Best

All our group healthcare insurance plans are custom written at Taylor Benefits Insurance. We ensure that our plans are more comprehensive and more affordable than similar plans offered to individuals. For Atlanta residents, group healthcare insurance might be the only option to purchase an insurance plan that works for you, especially when considering the essential health benefits that we include in all our plans.

Relevant Statistics

  • Over 70% of employers in Atlanta offer group health insurance plans to their employees.
  • The average deductible for group health insurance in Atlanta is $1,200 per year.
  • Approximately 90% of employees enrolled in group health insurance plans in Atlanta receive coverage for preventive care services.
  • More than 80% of group health insurance plans in Atlanta include coverage for mental health and substance abuse treatment.
  • The average employer contribution towards monthly premiums for group health insurance in Atlanta is 75%.

General Facts

  • Atlanta offers a variety of group health insurance plans for businesses and organizations.
  • Group health insurance provides coverage for a group of people, such as employees or members of an organization.
  • Employers in Atlanta often offer group health insurance as part of their employee benefits package.
  • Group health insurance plans typically provide coverage for medical expenses, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications.
  • Atlanta group health insurance plans may offer different levels of coverage, including options for dental and vision care.

The Taylor Benefits Promise

Increase your healthcare coverage at a more affordable rate with a group healthcare insurance plan from an independent agency. Atlanta residents not satisfied with their current healthcare insurance options should contact Taylor Benefits Insurance today for a free estimate regarding group insurance. There is no obligation to enroll in a plan, and you are under no obligation to pay, to receive your estimate. Learn about the benefit group healthcare insurance can have on your life today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance And Employee Benefit Plans in Atlanta, Georgia

United States customers who need financial assistance from providers or are admitted to the hospital can obtain a comprehensive insurance policy. All Americans must have basic health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Aside from other consumer protection laws, this law applies to Georgians and protects them from the high cost of healthcare. Here, we’ve answered several questions about Georgia health insurance, specifically in Atlanta, most commonly asked.

What Is the Average Cost Of Large Group Health Insurance Plans In Atlanta, Georgia?

Employees have access to group health insurance. The majority of states require employers to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage to their employees in order to ensure their well-being and health. Each employee must pay $1,500 to $4,000 toward group health insurance. This expense is shared between the employer and employee depending on how much the employee pays per month in premiums.

Which Atlanta, Georgia Health Insurance Companies Offer Small Business Group Policies?

The following companies offer small business health insurance in Atlanta, Georgia:

  • State Farm
  • Humana Group
  • Unitedhealth Group
  • Carefirst Inc. Group
  • Metropolitan Group
  • HIP Insurance Group
  • HCSC Group
  • eHealthInsurance
  • Blue Shield
  • Coventry Corp. Group
  • UHC of California
  • Blue Cross
  • Kaiser Foundation Group

Atlanta, Georgia Employee Benefit Packages: What Should They Include?

Among the benefits an employee should receive in Atlanta, Georgia are:

  • Health Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Mental Health Care
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Retiree Health & Medical
  • Vision Insurance

As a result of these benefits, your employees will be better protected and cared for in the workplace. If you wish, you can customize your insurance plan and make it relevant to your employees’ needs.

What Is the Average Cost Of Employee Benefits?

Accordingly, your employment package may include varying benefits. Depending on what your employees would need and how much you are willing to spend, you will have to pay them accordingly. Atlanta, Georgia has an average annual cost of employee benefits of $1000 or more.

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