Fayetteville Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Fayetteville group health insurance plans

Fayetteville NC Large Group Health Insurance Plans

Large companies in Fayetteville must provide their employees with affordable, comprehensive health insurance. Affordable Care Act compliance requires that policies can’t cost employees more than 9.6 percent of their gross income. In addition, all policies must include coverage for services that the ACA considers essential. Businesses must also make the insurance available for dependents, but the cost doesn’t have to meet affordability standards.

Some companies allow workers to choose between plans to obtain coverage that meets their needs. The employer can do this as long as at least one plan meets the affordability threshold. The ACA uses a system of metal tiers (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum) to categorize policies, helping potential subscribers identify their value. For example, a bronze plan will typically have the lowest premium cost and cover the smallest amount of service costs. Silver, gold, and platinum will have a higher premium cost but will cover more usage expenses.

Fayetteville NC Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Offering affordable insurance can be a significant challenge for small companies since the cost per person may be higher than for larger firms. Still, most small companies provide coverage to employees, and some extend the benefit to dependents. The ACA created SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) to provide a platform with information and resources for small businesses. Some companies may also be eligible for tax credits to defray the administrative cost of implementing and managing the plans.

Companies that employ fewer than 25 workers may be eligible for the credit if the employees have average yearly wages of less than$53,000 and the employer pays at least half the cost of the policy. Also, the company doesn’t have to offer a subsidy for dependents to qualify for the credit. Talk to your Taylor Benefits Insurance consultant for more information about small business insurance programs and tax credits.

Fayetteville NC Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

Businesses trying to attract and retain talented workers must develop an attractive benefits package. Employees and candidates evaluate the benefits when considering whether to accept an offer. A good package often starts with health insurance, especially for large companies under the ACA mandate. In addition to insurance, workers usually prioritize paid time off for illness, vacation, and holidays.

Other benefits that workers want include:

Fayetteville Group Health Insurance And Employee Benefits

The Fayetteville metropolitan area is the largest in South-eastern North Carolina. This city boasts of a low unemployment rate and a large labor pool of trained professionals. This provides small businesses with an excellent opportunity to thrive. However, the availability of skilled labor in itself is not enough. Employers must go a step further to attract and retain the best professionals in their industries by offering incentives such as group health insurance and employee benefit packages. While it may seem expensive to offer employee benefits, it helps you to stay ahead of the curve on the tax front.

Group health insurance and employee benefits

The payroll reductions for health insurance are usually tax-free. When you consider the amount of money your team spends on premiums before tax, you are effectively paying less. What this means is that your payroll taxes will be smaller. Moreover, your contribution to premiums is tax-free. Offering employee benefits packages helps you stay compliant while saving you money through tax credits, as well as your employees’ money. In addition, it goes a long way to keep your team energized and happy while eclipsing other benefits you could have been considering.

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Taylor Benefits is an expert in the provision of group health insurance and employee benefits. Our experience in writing custom group healthcare insurance and employee benefits for businesses in Fayetteville, spans three decades. We write our benefit plans, so we do not need to be regulated by insurance carriers. We have the expertise and experience required to craft affordable and competitive employee insurance packages. Our insurance and benefit plans are specifically designed to meet your company needs.

Fayetteville group health benefits and employee insurance plans

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At Taylor Benefits, we offer top-notch insurance plans that include the following:

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As an independent insurance agent, we work with top carriers in Fayetteville to provide you with unique and custom-designed plans. We are committed to ensuring that you maintain a competitive position in the market by conducting an annual market analysis when it is time to renew your policy. This way, we ensure that your current carrier maintains a competitive position in the market. We also offer you Cobra administration through a third party partner.

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