What Is a Benefit Pension Plan?

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Having employee benefit packages to offer your hard working employees is one proven way to keep them happy and working for your company for many years to come. It provides them and their families with a way to care for themselves and futures at a more affordable cost. In fact, this is one thing that many job hunters seek as they’re out applying and interviewing for a new career in their field of expertise.

There are many different types of benefits and insurances that you can add into an employee benefit plan. One of the perks you’ll find that many jobseekers are looking for in an all-inclusive plan includes pension. A benefit pension plan is a fund in which a sum of the employee’s money is accumulated and saved as they work for your company. This money is then divvied out in payments after that employee retires. A defined benefit plan will have fixed payments that are paid out to the employee regularly after retirement. All corporate defined benefit plans as well as many other types of defined benefit plans are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA).

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Advantages of a Benefit Pension Plan

  • Defined benefit pension plans cost state and local governments less money than defined contribution plans.
  • Most defined benefit plans offer disability and survivor benefits as well as retirement income.
  • Having a great pension plan in place only helps a company attract and retain qualified employees.
  • It creates a stronger, happier workforce.
  • A defined benefit pension plan has higher investment returns and lower fees than a defined contribution plan.
  • They reduce the costs of providing lifetime retirement benefits.
  • A defined benefit plan is based on a person’s salary and time of service.
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