New Jersey Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

For over 25 years, Taylor Benefits has provided satisfied clients with group health insurance plans to fit their needs. No plan is alike, as Taylor Benefits operates outside any single healthcare provider or plan. Each plan is custom-designed to best benefit each client.

New Jersey has a strong record when it comes to health care. Both senators Frank Lautenberg (D) and Robert Menendez (D) voted for the ACA in 2010. Over 300,000 New Jersey residents have signed up for health care coverage under the ACA. This is great news for those seeking group plans in the great state of New Jersey.

The following services are offered by Taylor Benefits to all clients:

As an independent health insurance provider, Taylor Benefits can provide custom plans not limited by insurance company policies or state insurance mandates. Pick and choose the healthcare services your group needs to be successful! In addition, essential health care benefits, which must be included in every plan can be viewed here, courtesy of the federal government.

New Jersey Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

We offer free, “no obligation, no payment necessary,” consultations. Learn which policies and plans work best for your group today, by contacting us online. New Jersey’s motto of “Liberty and Prosperity” is aligned with our goal to offer our clients the freedom to choose their health care group plans. 

New Jersey and Obamacare

New Jersey residents benefit greatly from Obamacare. Medicaid has been expanded since Obamacare’s inception. The state of New Jersey benefits from higher subsidies as well, which means Obamacare provides greater health coverage. This is due to the larger numbers of uninsured individuals who became covered under Obamacare when it was established. Larger subsidies and larger pools of people means that insurance companies can provide more coverage for more affordable rates.

Taylor Benefits can provide your group with greater coverage in New Jersey, thanks to Obamacare, than it could if your group was located in another state. This is great news for New Jersey residents.

To learn more about the health insurance offered by the State of New Jersey regarding consumer information, please see this resource  from the New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance.

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