Why Should Small Businesses in California Have Group Healthcare for Employees?

Group healthcare is important for any business to have. As the owner of a small business in California, you must stand up to your competition if you wish to flourish. To attract and retain employees is one of the greatest ways to keep a small business alive. There is one way to ensure your employees stay satisfied with their work environment and that’s by providing them with group healthcare and employee benefits. This makes it easier for them to care for themselves as well as their families.

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The Benefits of Providing Group Healthcare

  • As a small business providing the option of affordable healthcare, you’ll notice that it is easier to find people with the right skillsets to work for you.
  • It’ll be easier to keep employees around for longer time periods.
  • If your group healthcare plan is in compliance with the Affordable Care Act and other government policies, your business will benefit from annual tax breaks.
  • You can feel good about providing healthcare to your employees, knowing that they and their families are being cared for.
  • You can choose to add benefits such as workman’s compensation to protect your business from possible lawsuits due to an accident. It also protects the employee from having to pay for medical care.
  • Providing health insurance for your employees assures less sick days will be taken because they will have the opportunity to seek immediate medical attention when it is necessary.

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Written by Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

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