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Are you considering a job opportunity in Henderson, NV? The city offers a wide array of comprehensive employee benefit packages Henderson NV to attract and retain top talent. In this blog post, we will delve into the various benefits available to employees in Henderson, including health insurance, retirement plans, various employee assistance program programs, and time off policies. By the end of this post, you’ll have a deeper understanding of what to expect and how to make the most of these benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Henderson, NV offers comprehensive employee benefits including group health insurance and dental/vision coverage.
  • Various retirement plans and savings opportunities are available with payroll deduction for added benefits.
  • Employees can access benefit information online or via phone/email, make changes within 60 days of a qualifying life event or during open enrollment period.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits in Henderson, NV

Henderson, NV, a city in Southern Nevada, is not only a great place to live but also an excellent place to work. The city offers comprehensive employee benefits that cater to employees’ diverse needs. These benefits include health insurance, dental and vision coverage, and retirement plans. With the average cost of health insurance for employees in Henderson, NV estimated to be around $475 per person for a major medical individual health insurance plan, understanding the available options and knowing what to expect from employers in the area is crucial.

The most commonly offered health insurance plans by employers in Henderson, NV include HMO, PPO, POS, HSA, HRA, and MSA, among other following benefits. The College provides a range of Health Benefits. These include Medical, Dental, Vision, Pharmacy and Basic Life Insurance. In addition, the City of Henderson, Nevada provides Financial & Retirement benefits, as well as Vacation & Time Off, and an employee assistance program.

Health Insurance Options

A Consumer-Driven PPO High Deductible Health Plan is available for eligible employees in Henderson, NV, which is part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. Alterations to health plans are only allowed during the Annual Open Enrollment Period, which is typically held in May. Should an employee decline coverage during their new hire enrollment period, they will forfeit the benefits of medical, dental, pharmacy, vision, life, and long-term disability coverage.

Employees in the city of Henderson, NV may enroll in dental and vision coverage during the City Health Plan Open Enrollment period. If an employee experiences a qualified family status change, contact someone such as:

  • marriage
  • birth/adoption
  • change of spouse’s employment status
  • involuntary loss of insurance coverage

They have 30 days to make dependent coverage changes. Documentation of the circumstances of qualified change, in addition to marriage/birth certificates, is necessary.

Dental and Vision Coverage

Dental and vision coverage in Henderson, NV encompasses a maximum coverage of $1,500 per covered person per plan year, with a deductible of $100 per covered person or $300 per family (3 or more). Modifications are underway to the prescription plan provided by the City of Henderson, NV, aiming to guarantee employees access to quality dental and vision care.

For dental insurance and vision plans, employees can enroll during the City Health Plan Open Enrollment period. Staying informed about enrollment periods and any changes to the plans offered is crucial for making the best decisions regarding your dental and vision care needs.

Retirement Plans and Savings Opportunities

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Securing a financial future necessitates proper retirement planning. Employees in Henderson, NV are required to be a part of the North Carolina Local Governmental Employees’ Retirement System (LGERS). Additionally, they must also take part in the North Carolina Local Governmental Law Enforcement Officers’ Retirement System (LEORS). They contribute 6% of their salary to their retirement account, while the County contributes a percentage as mandated by the Department of State Treasurer. Additionally, employees have the option to save money for retirement through 457 and PERS.

Employees in Henderson, NV can set up payroll deduction and direct deposit by following these general steps:

  1. Choose a direct deposit solution or provider.
  2. Gather necessary information from employees, such as bank account details.
  3. Enter employee information into the direct deposit system.
  4. Ensure compliance with state-specific payroll requirements in Nevada.

Payroll deduction for retirement plans offers advantages such as tax benefits, ease of use, and automated savings.

Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit

Payroll deduction and direct deposit are methods of transferring money from an employee’s paycheck into a a retirement plan or savings account.

Payroll deduction enables employees to have a portion of their paycheck automatically deposited from pay and into a retirement savings account, for example while direct deposit allows employers to transfer pension benefits directly from pay and into an employee’s account during pay them.

Utilizing payroll deduction for retirement savings has numerous advantages:

  • Convenience
  • Consistency
  • Tax benefits
  • Retirement security

To set up direct deposit for retirement funds as an employee in Henderson, NV, you may follow these steps:

  1. Contact your employer’s HR department or payroll department to inquire about the process.
  2. Obtain the necessary forms or paperwork required to set up direct deposit.
  3. Fill out the forms accurately and provide the required information.
  4. Submit the completed forms to your employer’s HR department or payroll department.
  5. They will process your request and set up direct deposit for your retirement funds.

Please note that the specific review process for participation may vary depending on your employer and the retirement plan provider an employee chooses to participate in.

Social Security and Other Retirement Benefits

Employees in Henderson, NV do not accrue Social Security credits while employed with the City of Henderson. The Social Security program provides: credit

  • Retirement benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Survivors benefits
  • Supplemental security income

For further information, you may consult and review the Social Security Administration website at

Besides contributing some contributions to the city for Social Security program, other retirement-related benefits provided by the city include:

  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance
  • Employer-funded retirement with five-year vesting
  • Vacation and sick leave
  • 401(k) plans

It’s vital to be aware of all the available benefits and plan accordingly to ensure a secure and comfortable retirement.

Employee Assistance Programs and Wellness Initiatives

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Employee assistance programs and wellness initiatives are crucial components of comprehensive employee benefit packages. These programs can offer financial security and peace of mind to employees and their families. Flexible spending accounts, short-term disability, and life insurance are all essential components of these programs and can assist employees in saving money on taxes and safeguarding their families in the event of an unforeseen illness or death.

The Life Connection Employee Assistance and Worklife Program is a valuable resource for companies and departments that provides counseling services, as well as support for legal, financial, child, eldercare, and daily living needs to its employees. Employers who offer or participate in such programs demonstrate their commitment to the wellbeing of their employees and their families.

Flexible Spending Accounts

A flexible spending account (FSA) is a type of savings account that allows employees to contribute a portion of their regular earnings to pay for health-related costs. It is an optional plan that permits employees to set aside pre-tax money to cover qualifying health-related expenditures. The advantages of an FSA include the ability to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible costs, which can help reduce taxable income and save money on taxes. Moreover, FSAs can be used to cover a wide range of costs, such as medical and dental expenses, prescription medications, and dependent care expenses.

Employees can enroll in FSAs through the FSA portal administered by UMR, Inc.. By understanding and utilizing FSAs, employees can maximize their health-related savings and better manage their healthcare expenses.

Short Term Disability and Life Insurance

Short-term disability insurance offers financial security for employees who are incapacitated due to a disability. It can provide a portion of an employee’s salary for a designated period of time, allowing them to focus on their recovery. Life insurance provides financial protection for an employee’s family in the event of their passing. It can provide a lump sum payment to assist with expenses such as funeral costs, medical bills, and other liabilities.

Providers of short-term disability insurance for employment in Henderson, NV include Nevada Benefits, Aflac, and Henderson Insurance Group. Prudential Financial Inc., New York Life, and Lincoln Financial are the primary providers of life and short-term disability insurance in Henderson, NV. Understanding the various options and coverage details can help employees make informed decisions about their insurance needs.

Work-Life Balance and Time Off Policies

A healthy work-life balance contributes significantly to overall wellbeing and job satisfaction. Employers in Henderson, NV recognize the importance of providing employees with time off policies that allow them the ability to take full time to recharge and enjoy their personal lives. In their initial year, employees are allotted 18 PTO days, which is a combined paid time off policy for both vacation and sick days.

Henderson, NV celebrates several traditional county holidays each year. These include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Two days off for Thanksgiving
  • Two days off for Christmas

Employees who have been employed for full time for 5-10 years are eligible for 15 days of vacation per year, and they are also eligible for granted 12 days of paid sick leave per year. Understanding and utilizing these time off policies can contribute to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

Navigating Employee Benefits in Southern Nevada

Navigating employee benefits in Southern Nevada can be overwhelming at first, but with the right guidance and resources, you can make informed and responsible decisions that will help you maximize the benefits available to companies and you. Effectively managing your company and employee benefits involves accessing benefit information and making necessary changes to your benefits.

Some primary sources for accessing employee benefits information in Southern Nevada include:

Staying up-to-date on your benefits and making necessary changes as your needs evolve can be achieved through leveraging these resources.

Accessing Benefit Information

To obtain employee benefit information in Henderson, NV, you can visit dependable online resources like the City of Henderson website for employment, ( and the Clark County School District website for employment ( Employees can also acquire the complete contact information for benefit providers by contacting the Benefits Team at (702) 267-1944 or sending an email to

These resources can be utilized to keep you informed about your benefits and assist you in making any necessary changes. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your benefits provider or contact the Benefits Team with any questions or concerns you may have. They are there to help you make the most of your employee benefits package.

Making Changes to Benefits

In Henderson, NV, changes to your employee benefits typically take place within 30 days advance of a qualifying life event or during the annual open enrollment period, typically from November to mid-December. Qualifying life events include:

  • losing existing health coverage
  • job loss
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • birth
  • adoption

These events allow individuals to make changes to their benefit elections schedule within a first review period of 60 days from the occurrence or completion of the review event.

When altering your employee benefits, you’ll need to provide documentation such as:

  • Evidence of identity
  • Evidence of name alteration(s)
  • Evidence of social security number
  • Evidence of residential address

Consult with or contact your employer or benefits provider for any additional required documents and ensure you complete and submit them within the specified time and payment- frame to avoid any potential penalties or restrictions.


In summary, employees in Henderson, NV have access to a wide range of comprehensive benefits, including health insurance, dental and vision coverage, retirement plans, employee assistance programs, and time off policies. Understanding and utilizing these benefits can provide financial security, peace of mind, and a healthy work-life balance for employees and their families.

Whether you are considering a job opportunity in Henderson, NV, or already working in the area, it’s essential to stay informed about your job and benefits and make the most of the resources available to you. By doing so, you can maximize your company and employee benefits package and ensure a secure job and comfortable future for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard benefit packages for employees?

Employees typically receive a standard benefits package which includes non-salary compensation such as health care coverage, retirement benefits, paid time off, COBRA contributions, FMLA and other mandated state-level coverage.

What is the average benefits package?

The average benefits package for a civilian worker is $1,997.36 per month, and for private industry workers it is $1,798.69 per month based on salary and on a 35-hour work week schedule.

What is the Nevada State employee health Benefit Plan?

The Nevada State employee health Benefit Plan, administered by the Public Employees’ Benefits Program, provides a comprehensive benefit package including medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, life insurance, and long-term disability insurance. Additional voluntary products are also available to purchase.

What types of health insurance plans are commonly offered by employers in Henderson, NV?

Employers in Henderson, NV commonly offer a variety of health insurance plans including HMO, PPO, POS, HSA, HRA and MSA.

How can I make changes to my employee benefits in Henderson, NV?

You can make changes to your employee benefits in Henderson, NV within 30 days of a qualifying life or death event or during the annual open enrollment period.

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