Colorado Springs Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

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Colorado Springs Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Taylor Benefits Insurance has over 25 years of experience writing custom group healthcare insurance plans for our clients. Our clients are groups of 50 people or more who are unsatisfied with the healthcare insurance plans being offered to them via the federal or state exchanges, or through established insurance providers.

Our plans are more affordable and more customizable than other plans you will find. We do not believe in offering “cookie cutter” plans because every group seeking a specialized insurance plan is unique and has its own needs. If you require custom healthcare coverage that is not offered locally, or at least at a good price, contact an independent agency like Taylor Benefits insurance today to learn more.

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Taylor Benefits Insurance Offers Comprehensive Plans

Colorado Springs (CO) residents need comprehensive group healthcare insurance. We offer the following benefits in all our plans.

  • Medical, dental, and vision
  • Short-term and long-term group disability
  • Pension, retirement, and 401K
  • Section 125 cafeteria, flex spending, and HSA
  • Life insurance and long-term care
  • Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Colorado Springs

    The average Colorado Springs resident spent $4,221 on healthcare insurance in 2017. The average salary in Colorado Springs, however, is just $47,485. While healthcare insurance is costing a single individual making the average salary approximately 10% of his or her income per year, it is no wonder why some residents still do not have healthcare. 10% is too large a figure to spend on just one necessary expense of many.

    Regardless of the Obamacare healthcare insurance plan an individual chooses, healthcare is an unaffordable proposition for most individuals. This needs to change, and it can when you switch to group healthcare insurance. Group healthcare insurance is cheaper, more comprehensive, and more customizable.

    Only pay for the healthcare coverage you want with a group plan. You do not have 10% of your income lying around. There is no need to pay for healthcare insurance that provides inadequate coverage.

    Reduce Your Healthcare Costs Today

    The greatest advantage a Colorado Springs resident can gain from a group healthcare insurance plan is affordability. Since our plans are incredibly comprehensive, even at their most basic level, the reduced cost of healthcare is the first advantage you will notice.

    We can offer affordable group plans because we write them ourselves, with minimal interference from Obamacare, and practically no interference from insurance providers. Reduce the costs of healthcare and increase the size of your wallet today with a custom group healthcare insurance plan from an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance.

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    The Taylor Benefits Promise

    We can provide you with a free estimate so you can determine whether group healthcare insurance is right for you. Each estimate is different, as the estimate depends on your group healthcare insurance needs. You are not required to pay for an estimate. You are not required to enroll in a plan with us. Contact us at Taylor Benefits Insurance today and learn how you can benefit from a group insurance plan.

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