Clanton Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits Plans

Clanton Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits Plans

Clanton, Alabama, is a thriving community that offers employers a skilled and savvy labor pool. Businesses in Clanton need to offer an attractive benefits package for their workers, preferably one that includes a comprehensive health plan.

To attract and retain the best employees, businesses in Clanton need to offer an attractive benefits package that goes beyond just salary. A comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, dental and vision plans, is some of the most important plans to include.

Under the ACA, companies are required to have a health insurance plan that provides minimum essential coverage or pay a penalty on their federal income tax return.

Any Alabama Business owner with 50 or fewer employees qualifies for tax credits. The tax credit is designed to encourage small business growth by offering incentives for hiring, capital investment, and research and development. These benefits include coverage for preventive services, like annual check-ups and routine screenings, as well as coverage for emergency care, hospitalization, and prescription drugs.

There are many types of Alabama health plans that qualify as minimum essential coverage, including employer-sponsored plans, individual plans purchased through the ACA marketplace, and Medicaid and Medicare plans. Some small business health insurance plans, like short-term health insurance plans and certain types of limited benefit plans, do not meet the requirements for minimum essential coverage. Also, many employees require minimum participation when choosing a policy.

Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits

Even as healthcare regulations continue to evolve, employer-sponsored health insurance remains among the most-valued benefits for workers.

Many companies must balance their desire to offer group coverage to workers with their need to stay within budget. It can be tricky for these employers to find high-quality insurance coverage that they and their employees can afford. Yet, it’s essential to maintain a complete benefits package to attract and retain skilled workers.

With a group plan, the business can determine the employer contribution but must abide by the ACA rules to avoid penalties.

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Who We Are.

Taylor Benefits Insurance is a leading insurance brokerage serving Clanton and other communities across the US since 1987. We understand the industry and are thoroughly versed in the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other applicable regulations.

We know that both quality and cost are important to your business, and we can help you compare coverage options that help you choose wisely. Furthermore, we offer advanced management options for companies that want a technological edge.

Clanton group health benefits and employee insurance plans

Insurance Products By Taylor Benefits

Health insurance is a crucial component of any employee benefits package. It helps protect employees and their families against the high costs of medical care, such as hospitalization, surgeries, and prescription drugs. Comprehensive health insurance plans can also cover preventive care, like annual check-ups and routine screenings, which can help catch health issues early, saving both employees and employers money in the long run.

Taylor Benefits does not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We have a comprehensive selection of benefits options, including these staples:

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Why Taylor Benefits?

Our clients benefit from the expertise and industry knowledge of a dedicated consultant. Our professionals take the time to understand your company’s needs and to offer more than one potential solution for your benefits package needs. We can integrate products from a range of providers to create a full package that satisfies your employees while allowing you to stay on budget.

We are always up-to-date regarding regulatory and product changes, so we can help your benefits program evolve along with your employees. We are committed to delivering custom-tailored benefits solutions through technology but backed by exemplary customer service.

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