Ceres Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Most individuals working for a company have families to care for at home. In this case, their interest in group health insurance and employee benefit plans is almost guaranteed. Without access to a comprehensive plan, taking care of your mental health, preparing for the future, and staying in good health is impossible with today’s healthcare rates.

Ceres group health insurance plans

Why You Need an Insurance Broker

At Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency, we work with some of the most reputable insurance carriers in the Ceres area. Through our connections, we develop the best plans, benefits, and programs for companies of all sizes throughout California.

We find these plans at a cost that doesn’t exceed the boundaries of the company’s financial limitations. Our team of dedicated experts is committed to tirelessly identifying and securing the ideal insurance solutions that perfectly align with the unique needs and requirements of each company we serve.

We understand that every business is distinct, and so are their financial limitations. Therefore, we diligently negotiate to ensure that the cost of our insurance plans remains well within the boundaries of the company’s budget, eliminating any unnecessary financial strain.

At Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency, we take pride in being a trusted ally for businesses across California. We consistently go the extra mile to offer superior insurance solutions that promote growth, stability, and prosperity. With our unwavering dedication, in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, and personalized approach, companies can rest assured they are making informed decisions that positively impact their bottom line.

Insurance & Benefits to Consider

  • Group benefits and health coverage
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Short and long-term disability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Retirement savings plan 401(k)
  • HMO, PPO, and HSA
  • Prescription drug programs
  • Section 125 cafeteria
  • Indemnity and managed care plans
  • Pension plan
  • Life insurance
  • Long term care
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Going through an Insurance Broker Is Wise

Coming up with an insurance and benefit plan that appeals to everyone is not going to be easy on your own, but that’s where Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency becomes advantageous. With over 25 years in the industry, we know what the working citizens of California need in order to be ready for their futures and those that they must care for at home.

We’re able to offer our clientele more than most by personalizing your plan and keeping the cost as cheap as possible through our negotiating capabilities. You’ll find as you consult with our brokers that we’re able to meet all your needs. You can appease all your employees and their family members or dependents with one all-inclusive health and wellness plan that includes insurance, benefits, and paid time off. The plan must meet the requirements and standards of the Affordable Care Act, but our brokers will make sure that your plan complies.

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