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The city of Ypsilanti, Michigan, is home to Eastern Michigan University. It has positioned itself to promote economic growth by offering incentives to businesses and investors so as to encourage them to set up shop or relocate here. Employers in this city are aware of the role they play in the health insurance sector, since the government does not provide nationwide insurance coverage.

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Group health insurance is beneficial to the employer in many different ways. Employers get to motivate their employees by insuring them against the high cost of hospitalization. Considering that healthcare costs have risen, it is a highly sought-after employee benefit. You will also be in a position to attract, recruit and retain the most talented employees. By covering the family members of the employees, they become more attached to your company. Since you will be buying insurance in bulk, you are entitled to a discount which makes it affordable. Your business will also attract a tax advantage by reducing tax liability.

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What to Look for in an Insurance Provider

In order to find a suitable insurance provider  who will guide you in choosing the best insurance policy, you need to conduct some research.  Some of the things you need to look for in a provider include:

  • Financial stability - Ensure that the company has enough financial reserves to fulfill its financial obligations and promises for a long time.
  • Licensing - You should check to ensure that the company is registered and licensed to offer services in your state. Make sure it is also licensed to offer the services you are interested in.
  • Pricing- Every insurance provider offers different prices for different plans therefore ensure that you understand their pricing before making any commitment.
  • Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker

    You can decide to use an insurance broker for your insurance policy purchase. Some of the reasons why using brokers could be better include:

  • Insurance brokers are independent and will work with different insurers to choose the best insurance policies available. They are focused on the client.
  • They have contacts with different insurers therefore they have access to many policies which they will guide you on to choose the best fit for your needs.
  • Who We Are

    At Taylor Benefits, we create exceptional employee benefits plans that are in line with the needs of your company and those of your employees to see your business thrive. We work closely with all insurance carriers in the city of Ypsilanti to choose the best plans for your needs and the best prices. We have been improving businesses for over 30 years and this has made us an industry leader. We are dedicated to giving you affordable plans at a competitive rate. We work with all competitive insurance carriers across the country for the best prices of insurance policies. Our goal is to help businesses, both large and small stand out as the best employers and gain a competitive advantage.

    Insurance Products by Taylor Benefits

    At Taylor Benefits, we offer a variety of health insurance and employee benefits options that include:

  • Group health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Group pension plans
  • Group retirement plans
  • 401(k) plans set up and servicing
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Group life insurance
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Employee benefits programs
  • Workers compensation
  • Group long-term care
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • Prescription coverage
  • HMO, FSA, PPO and HSA plans
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    Why Taylor Benefits

    We are an independent insurance broker operating in the city of Ypsilanti and across the country. Our goal is to make your business succeed by providing group health insurance plans that resonate with your budget and needs. We help you maintain a happy and healthy workforce so that you can maintain a competitive edge and appeal as an employer of choice. We also conduct audits to be sure that your plan is in compliance with the insurance laws and reforms. Additionally, we conduct a market analysis at each renewal of your plan to ensure that your carrier still holds a competitive position in the market. We provide administration for all your insurance plans so you do not have to deal with them.

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