What Is EBRI?

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The Employee Benefit Research Institute focuses exclusively on the data and research of employee benefits. The EBRI directs their attention to the wellbeing of employees and their financial, health, retirement and savings benefits or programs. The institute primarily handles any and all critical and complex issues. It also provides the most current data and research to all health and retirement organizations and plan holders.

The EBRI Studies Issues Involving:

  • 401(k)
  • IRA
  • Retirement income acceptability
  • Consumer-driven benefits
  • Social Security
  • Tax treatment for health and retirement benefits
  • Cost management
  • Policy reform proposals
  • Appropriate attitude in the work environment
  • Pension assets
  • Funding
  • The EBRI is constantly performing research and making analyses so that they can offer those interested invaluable information regarding employee benefits. They provide this information through print and online publications. Here is what you can expect from the EBRI:

  • In depth coverage on major issues and trends including summaries on new regulations and policy developments
  • Surveys on public attitudes and other workforce issues
  • EBRI meetings with leaders from all sectors to address and explore options and issues regarding employee benefits
  • Media on critical data and new findings
  • Computer stimulated analysis on Social Security reform and retirement income prospects
  • Directs members with any information they need while taking on consistent and ongoing research
  • Dial 800-903-6066 and get free consultation on EBRI

    About EBRI Membership

    To become a member of the EBRI you must first fill out an application. This application will ask you to provide your personal information, the information of those you would also like included in the membership, and what type of membership you would like to have.

    Types of Membership and their Minimum Contribution Requirements

    • Sustaining Membership- $28,500
    • Full Membership- $15,000
    • Associate Member- $7,500
    • Contributing Member- $4,000

    The EBRI was founded on three principles and four points of purpose. They take their values seriously and have much pride in their ability to provide to employees all over. Due to their members, they are able to conduct research and studies to provide factual information and analysis regarding employee benefits and plans.

    Written by Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor

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