Oxford Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

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Oxford Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Oxford City in Alabama State boasts a conducive environment for business as well as ready skilled labor to go with it. The challenge is for you as an employer to match your job offers with an attractive benefits group health insurance package if you are to attract and retain top candidates.

Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Group health insurance is one thing that remains the same in this dynamic world of employee benefits. Consequently, health insurance is a significant consideration for prospective employees when candidates are comparing employment options across different companies.

For you as an employer, health insurance is considered the most expensive yet the most valued employee benefit you can offer your employees in Oxford City. Therefore, it is critical that you opt for a plan that, when administered, is guaranteed to attract and retain top candidates in your industry.

You will need expert advice from experienced insurance brokers to navigate through your employees’ group health insurance successfully.

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Who We Are?

At Taylor Benefits we are alive to the fact that your company needs to maintain its bottom line even as you cater to the insurance and benefits needs of your staff in Oxford City. Therefore, we help you come up with an insurance plan that is right for your needs.

We have been following the insurance landscape for the last 30 years. Our team of professionals are constantly keeping up with the dynamic market and the market trends to ensure we deliver nothing but the best. We are up to date with the latest developments happenings in the health insurance world.

Insurance Products By Taylor Benefits

Affordable benefits plans are available and Taylor Benefits can help you find excellent benefit solutions for your business in Oxford City. Our group health insurance and employee benefits plans include:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Long term disability insurance
  • Short term disability insurance
  • 401k
  • Retirement
  • Pension
  • Section 125 cafeteria
  • HSA
  • Long term care
  • Life insurance
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
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    From fully insured policies to self-insured, we are here to guide you through the health care insurance maze to give you a comprehensive, affordable health insurance benefits for your small business.

    Why Taylor Benefits?

    We are committed to working with you to craft an insurance plan that is competitive and sustainable in the face of the ever-changing industry in Oxford City. We pledge to develop a benefits program that is unique to your needs.

    No matter the size and type of your business, our agency will help you increase your appeal to enable you recruit better employees through offering a range of benefits.

    Our years of experience as a group health insurance broker means that we are connected to a host of insurance service providers and our decisions are informed by objectivity.

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    If you need to make a switch, book an appointment with one of our insurance agents today. We will take you through group insurance options that will take your business to the next level. You can also call us now 800-903-6066 or request for a proposal.

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