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Welcome to Taylor Benefits, Irvine’s leading provider of group health insurance and employee benefit plans in Irvine. Whether you run a small, or large Irvine company or just need an affordable group plan, we will find an offering that perfectly suits your business and its employees.

Here’s how we help:

Tax Incentives – There are plenty of tax breaks available for businesses that offer benefits and group insurance plans to their workers. Our knowledge and experience allow us to work with you to find a balance between great benefits and an affordable price, which includes a complete understanding of the tax savings programs that are available to companies that offer healthcare to their eligible employees.

Legal Compliance – It’s becoming more and more difficult for companies to stay on top of the changes that impact healthcare administration. Just the recent changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act (also referred to as Obamacare) have changed how businesses must operate when it comes to health and benefits for full-time career employees; other employment classifications may vary. We help you navigate and understand these changes so you can make an informed decision.

Policy Review – One of the challenges that face many businesses that offer group health care and employee benefits is making sure that they provide quality options at the best value possible. We work closely with our clients to maintain the best benefits and insurance they can offer, including an annual review and company audit that makes sure your health, disability and retirement benefits are aligned with the needs of your employees and your business.

Irvine, CA Large Group Health Insurance Plans

Any company with fifty or more full-time workers needs to offer health insurance that complies with the ACA (Affordable Care Act) standards for benefit coverage and affordability. Most sizable employers were already offering insurance coverage before Congress passed the law. Still, some needed to make changes. Affordability means that the subscriber’s share of the cost can’t exceed 9.61 percent of their gross income for a plan that will cover sixty percent of typical usage expenses.

Average monthly premiums in the US are over $7,700 for an individual and over $22,000 for a family plan, including both what the employee pays and what the company contributes. Employers must pay enough of the premium to meet the IRS affordability standard, but that stipulation only applies to individual coverage. Furthermore, every insurance plan must include coverage for the ten “essential benefit areas” designated by the ACA:

  1. Ambulatory patient services (outpatient care)
  2. Emergency services
  3. Hospitalization, including surgical and medical
  4. Maternity and newborn care, including delivery
  5. Mental health and substance use disorder services
  6. Prescription drugs
  7. Rehabilitative services and devices
  8. Laboratory services
  9. Preventative and wellness services, including chronic disease management
  10. Pediatric services, including dental and vision care for children under the age of 19

Irvine, CA Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Small businesses that employ less than fifty employees don’t have a legal mandate to offer health insurance. Still, they may want to do so to compete for top-quality workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly half of small companies provide medical insurance through the company and often pay part of the subscriber’s cost. Small firms can find assistance in establishing and administering their insurance plans by looking for resources and support with SHOP (Small Business Healthcare Options Program), which was created by the Affordable Care Act. Ask your Taylor Benefits Insurance consultant for more information.

Irvine, CA Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

Employee benefit packages usually include more than health insurance and PTO (paid time off.) In Irvine, employers are required to offer paid sick time, Paid Holidays or Medical Center Employees but many companies add other Irvine Company benefits to the package to attract the skilled employees they need. MetLife’s 2022 Benefits Survey commented on how strongly employees feel about benefits. Nearly 75 percent say that better benefits would encourage them to stay at their current job longer.

Employers that want to help their workers develop financial stability and plan for retirement may consider adding life insurance, sponsoring a retirement savings plan like a 401(k), student loan payment help or tuition reimbursement, and unlimited accrual paid holidays. Employees also ask for dental and vision coverage, flexible scheduling, and the ability to choose remote work.

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Taylor Benefits | Employee Benefits Solutions In Irvine

We help Irvine businesses establish and maintain an effective strategy for benefits administration and group healthcare by offering a wide selection of choices that include, but are not limited to, the following services:

Irvine group health benefits and employee insurance plans

  • Medical, vision and dental coverage
  • Disability (long-term and short-term)
  • HMO, PPO and point-of-service plans
  • Retirement, pension and 401k savings options
  • Life insurance and long-term care
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • Group insurance & employee benefits

Relevant Statistics

  • Over 80% of companies in Irvine offer group health insurance plans to their employees.
  • The average deductible for group health insurance in Irvine is $1,200 per person per year.
  • Approximately 95% of individuals covered under group health insurance in Irvine have access to dental benefits.
  • Out of all the group health insurance plans in Irvine, 70% include mental health coverage.
  • More than 90% of employers who provide group health insurance in Irvine contribute at least 75% towards their employees’ premiums.

General Facts

  • Irvine Group Health Insurance refers to health insurance plans provided to a group of people in the city of Irvine, California.
  • It offers comprehensive medical coverage to employees and their dependents, typically provided by employers.
  • Group health insurance plans in Irvine often include benefits such as doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and preventive care.
  • These plans usually have lower premiums compared to individual health insurance plans, as the risk is spread across the group.
  • Irvine residents working for companies that offer group health insurance can enjoy access to a network of healthcare providers and services at negotiated rates.

Insurance Resources For Irvine Businesses

Health Care Law Guide – A resource for businesses, the health care law guide provides information and resources for California businesses to help them make the most informed health care choices subject to collective bargaining agreement for companies and employees.

Health Benefits Advisor – The U.S. Department of Labor guide to laws, regulations and publications that affect the administration of employee and group benefits and insurance plans.

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