Fullerton Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Plans

Fullerton group health insurance plans

Providing the most satisfactory group health insurance and employee benefit plans and programs to your employees is extremely important. By going through an insurance broker, you can avoid any confusion and wasted hours spent trying to research insurance carriers online. We have connection with the greatest insurance carriers in California which allows us to customize your plan while negotiating a cost you can afford as a business.

Explanation of Basic Healthcare Plans

HMO- this plan doesn’t allow much freedom. Employees must choose healthcare services within a strict network of providers and facilities linked to the relevant health maintenance organization.

PPO- this is a flexible plan that lets employees choose their physicians and healthcare providers. However, they can save money by choosing to see in-network healthcare providers.

FSA- this a flax spending account that keeps the employees earned income tax-free for use towards unpaid healthcare expenses uncovered by the insurance carrier.

HSA- this is a savings account for employees to keep earned, tax-free money. This money is generally used towards expense not paid for by the insurance company.

Aside from the basic plans, our in office insurance brokers will work with you to come up with a customized plan that doesn’t exceed your financial limitations. We’ll give you as much information needed to make sure you fully understand all that there is to take advantage of. We’ll also explain the requirements and standards set for businesses by the government’s Affordable Car Act. Then, when all of the consulting and planning is done, we’ll offer the help of our training services and online HR tool to help your management learn about all that is included in your company’s group health insurance and employee benefit program.

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