California Group Short and Long Term Disability Insurance Services

group short and long term disability insurance in California

California Group Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

To attract longstanding, hardworking employees, it’s important to have a healthcare and employee benefit plan in place. This makes it easier for your employees to care for themselves and their families. Offering insurance and benefits is actually one of the greatest things you can do for those working for you.

One of the benefits many employees seek is short and long term disability insurance. This protects them should they ever have a disability that stops them performing their tasks at work. Statistics show that 1 of 4 people will have a disability before they reach retirement, making short and long term disability insurance very appealing to individuals looking for a career.

Luckily, providing your employees with short and long term disability insurance is inexpensive, costing around 1% of payroll. This small cost could change the way your business operates and help you to retain quality employees.

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About Short Term and Long Term Disability

Short term disability is more likely to be offered under an insurance plan than long term disability. Short term disability will pay out 60% of an employee’s salary for 13-26 weeks. The payout is usually quick and can help employees stay afloat while their unable to attend work. Long term disability also pays out 60% but for greater periods of time depending on the disability. Offering long term disability insurance could benefit your business by qualifying you for tax breaks and other perks.

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