Warr Acres Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Warr Acres, Oklahoma, prides itself as a city that offers low cost living for its residents that are drawn from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The city has excellent school systems, a community center and a flourishing business sector. Generally, this city offers many advantages and opportunities to its residents as well as businesses. This includes a conducive environment to do business coupled with an excellent skilled workforce. Therefore, employers setting up enterprises in this city do not need to worry about finding employees with the right skill set to take up employment opportunities.

Warr Acres group health insurance plans

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

A competitive group health insurance and employee benefits package has increasingly become a major factor when it comes to employee recruitment. Consequently, employers who offer a competitive employee benefits package have the advantage of being able to attract talented workers. When workers feel that their needs are well met by employers, they will be more loyal and productive. Thus, it is unlikely that you will have cases of a high employee turnover that can affect your bottom line.

What to Look for In an Insurance Provider

When you are looking for an insurance provider for your group health insurance and employee benefits, make sure you pay attention to the following:

  • Legal accreditation. It is important to make sure that you are working with an insurance provider that is not only government recognized but also accredited. In most cases, companies that are accredited will stick to the industry policies, rules, guidelines and regulations.
  • The physical location of the insurance provider is another important factor because you do not only want to engage an insurance provider, but also be able to find their physical location. This is particularly important when you need to file claims or have concerns that you would like the provider to address.
  • Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker

    Insurance brokers are often committed to making sure that you find the coverage that you need for your employee benefits. There are numerous other benefits that come with working with insurance brokers:

  • Insurance brokers will be with you for the long haul. That is, they will stick by your side even when you sign up for your insurance and employee benefits plan. They will be there to address any problems you may have as well as answer all your questions.
  • Working with an insurance broker saves you time as they take up the task of finding you the right plan which can be time consuming. Thus, brokers eliminate the process of asking for quotes, filling out forms, looking up reviews on the internet among other things.
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    Who We Are

    We are a reputable insurance agency in the city of Warr Acres. We focus on equipping employers with the right group health insurance and employee benefits plan. We take pride in our ability to create employee benefit plans that incorporate multiple benefit options to cater for the diverse needs of workers and employers. Our benefits staff is well trained and has gained extensive experience over the years hence we guarantee you the best plan and quality service. Ultimately, we help you to stay ahead of your competition when it comes to attracting and retaining talented workers.

    Warr Acres group health benefits and employee insurance plans

    Insurance Products by Taylor Insurance

    We offer the following group health insurance and employee benefit options:

    • Employee health insurance
    • Group medical insurance
    • Employee vision and dental insurance
    • Group retirement plans
    • Cobra administration
    • Group pension plans
    • Group 401 (k) plans set up and servicing
    • Long-term disability insurance
    • Section 125 cafeteria plans
    • Short-term disability insurance
    • Prescription coverage benefits
    • Workers compensation insurance
    • Managed care and indemnity plans
    • Medicare
    • Long-term care
    • Group life insurance
    • Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)
    • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

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    Why Taylor Benefits

    We have a license to offer services and an array of group health insurance and employee benefits options and plans in Warr Acres. We give you unparalleled plans as we work with top insurance carriers in this city. We help you to stay competitive by understanding your needs first before offering a benefits package. We are keen on making sure every plan is up to date with the current employee benefit trends. Most importantly, we give you a group insurance package that is compliant with the regulations.

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    Written by Todd Taylor

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