Tulsa Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Tulsa group health insurance plans
Most Tulsa (Oklahoma) residents looking for healthcare insurance either purchase plans from established insurance providers or through the federal exchange. However, residents can get better rates, and more benefits for those rates, by contacting an independent agency. Independent agencies like Taylor Benefits Insurance are not in competition with established insurance providers, and their plans are not in competition with any plan found on the Obamacare exchange.

Each group healthcare insurance plan that Taylor Benefits Insurance writes is unique and custom-written based on the healthcare needs and wants of our clients. Clients are groups of 50 people or more who are seeking better healthcare insurance than what they can find locally. With over 25 years of experience writing custom group healthcare insurance plans, Taylor Benefits Insurance is capable of writing a custom healthcare insurance plan for you as well. Contact us today to learn if group insurance is right for you.

Tulsa, OK Large Group Health Insurance Plans

The Affordable Care Act created a requirement for large employers to provide health insurance for their workers. In addition, the law created requirements for adequate coverage, including an affordability standard. To meet that threshold, the employee’s share of the monthly charge must be less than 9.61 percent of their income. That amount is dropping to 9.12 percent in 2023. Employers also must offer coverage for dependents but don’t have to satisfy the affordability standard.

Also, the plan must pay at least 60 percent of the anticipated expense for medical services for a subscriber. And finally, every health insurance plan must cover these ten essential benefit areas:

  1. Ambulatory patient services (outpatient care)
  2. Emergency services
  3. Hospitalization, including surgical and medical
  4. Maternity and newborn care, including delivery
  5. Mental health and substance use disorder services
  6. Prescription drugs
  7. Rehabilitative services and devices
  8. Laboratory services
  9. Preventative and wellness services, including chronic disease management
  10. Pediatric services, including dental and vision care for children under the age of 19

Tulsa, OK Small Business Health Insurance Plans

SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) is a healthcare marketplace for small businesses. The ACA created SHOP to offer small companies resources to help them provide health insurance to their workers. Companies can research the plans available and get information about tax credits. Taylor Benefits Insurance can help your company find the best options. Small companies must meet these criteria to be eligible for the tax credit:

  • Employ fewer than 25 employees (not counting seasonal workers)
  • Pay salaries that average $50,000 or less
  • Subsidize at least half of the premium for each employee
  • Offer a qualified plan

Tulsa, OK Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

Even though Oklahoma employers don’t have to offer benefits (aside from health insurance required by the ACA for large businesses), workers want options. Also, many companies understand the value of providing employee benefit packages as a recruiting tool and to improve worker satisfaction.

Health insurance costs are high, but other benefits may be cheap or even free. For example, if a company can allow flexible scheduling, that is a tremendous potential benefit. Employees appreciate the chance to change their schedule to meet their personal needs if the company can accommodate alternative hours. In that case, it may save money while providing a perk for workers. Similarly, some employees want to be allowed to work remotely, which may not cost the company anything.

On the other hand, workers also want benefits like paid time off for illness, vacation, and holidays. That does cost money for the company, although the amount can be challenging to quantify, depending on the role. Other popular benefits include the following:

  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Retirement savings assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement

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Benefits We Offer to Clients

The following health benefits are included in all our group healthcare insurance plans. If you need greater coverage, we can provide it. We write plans to fit our clients healthcare needs.

Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Tulsa

The average Tulsa resident spent 8.2% of their spending on healthcare in 2015. 8.2% is a significant amount to be portioning out to healthcare, no matter how vital healthcare is, especially when residents can save money by enrolling in group plans. Group healthcare insurance plans are more comprehensive and more affordable than individual or family plans. In addition, group healthcare insurance plans written by independent agencies are even more affordable.

If you are unsatisfied with the current level of insurance you are getting from a plan purchased on the federal exchange, or through an insurance provider, you should contact an independent agency to see if group healthcare insurance is for you. Healthcare is a necessity but it does not need to necessarily take 8.2% of your income. By switching to a better plan, you could find yourself paying lower rates and premiums, depending on the plan you create with an independent agency!

Tulsa group health benefits and employee insurance plans

The Benefits of an independent Agency

At Taylor Benefits Insurance, we write our own group healthcare plans. Our plans are not influenced or limited by established insurance providers. Besides essential health benefits we are mandated to include in our plans by Obamacare, we are not required to include any benefits you do not need, or want. Choose your healthcare insurance wisely and switch to a group healthcare insurance plan to save money. Stop paying 8.2% today!

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Relevant Statistics

  • Over 85% of employers in Tulsa offer group health insurance to their employees.
  • The average monthly premium for group health insurance in Tulsa is $356 per employee.
  • Approximately 94% of individuals covered by group health insurance in Tulsa have access to preventive care services.
  • Tulsa has seen a 15% decrease in the number of uninsured individuals since the implementation of group health insurance options.
  • Group health insurance plans in Tulsa provide coverage to more than 120,000 residents, ensuring access to quality healthcare.

General Facts

  • Tulsa group health insurance provides healthcare coverage for members of a group, such as employees of a company or members of an organization.
  • Companies in Tulsa often offer group health insurance as part of their employee benefits package.
  • Group health insurance in Tulsa typically covers services such as doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications.
  • Employers and employees typically share the cost of group health insurance premiums.
  • Tulsa group health insurance plans may offer different levels of coverage, including options for dental and vision care.

The Taylor Benefits Promise

Taylor Benefits Insurance can provide you with a free estimate. See the difference that group healthcare insurance can make in your life. Contact us today to learn more. You are under no obligation to enroll in a plan, and no payment is necessary, in order to receive your free estimate.

Written by Todd Taylor

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