Sleepy Hollow Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Sleepy Hollow group health insurance plans
Although the economy of Sleepy Hollow, New York largely depends on tourism, other sectors like manufacturing and real estate also play a significant role in fostering the city’s economic growth. Employers in this city strive to meet the rising demands for better employee benefits packages from their workers.

A group health insurance and employee benefits plan is an incentive that will boost your appeal to job seekers because it will establish your reputation as an employer of choice. Offering a comprehensive benefits plan will yield more benefits for you such as reduced sick leaves.

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Employers should know the importance of staying ahead of their competitors. The secret of running a thriving business lies in providing your workforce with quality and affordable group health insurance and employee benefits. Businesses that offer a unique health plan will retain and attract qualified employees easily, resulting to a decrease in recruiting and training costs.

Qualified professionals are likely to continue working in your company when you provide attractive employee benefit plans instead of leaving for another employer. Moreover, the morale of the working environment will be lifted.

What to Look For In an Insurance Provider

There are many things you need to consider when choosing a reliable insurance company. Below are some of the factors you should bear in mind:

  • Find out whether your provider has a diverse product line since there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to insurance policies. This is because different types of policies cater for different insurance needs.
  • Check your provider’s areas of operation to know whether they can be accessed easily when you need guidance or clarification on insurance matters.
  • Choose providers with a good reputation when it comes to claim handling and find out whether they pay claims quickly.
  • Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker

    With many insurance carriers in the market, it can be difficult to find the right insurance plans without the help of brokers. Advantages of brokers include:

  • They leverage their many years of experience to create for you plans that are in line with latest industry trends.
  • They work with various insurance companies to provide you with competitive plans at affordable prices.
  • They select the carriers they work with carefully to ensure they deliver the best coverage and service.
  • They will customize your plans to meet your specific needs.
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    Who We Are

    Taylor Benefits is an industry leader in providing group health insurance and employee benefits to employers in Sleepy Hollow. We offer outstanding group benefits packages to ensure your employees are healthy and also financially stable. We will craft for you an employee benefits program that is comprehensive, consistent and customized to give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

    We will ensure your plan complies with insurance laws to enable your business to qualify for tax credits. With more than 30 years in the insurance industry, we are experienced in providing businesses with cost effective group benefits plans. We will help you come up with the perfect plans to offer your employees.

    Sleepy Hollow group health benefits and employee insurance plans

    Insurance Products by Taylor Benefits

    Our employee benefits packages include:

    • Group health insurance
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
    • Medical insurance
    • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
    • Group retirement plans
    • Employee benefits and wellness plans
    • Long-term disability insurance
    • Section 125 cafeteria plans
    • Short-term disability insurance
    • 401k plans
    • Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
    • Group life insurance
    • Employee pension plans
    • Group long-term care
    • Cobra and benefits continuation

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    Why Taylor Benefits

    We are an independent insurance brokerage agency with expertise in helping employers provide quality health insurance and employee benefits to their employees. We work with the best insurance carriers to devise competitive packages to enable you to attract and retain quality candidates in Sleepy Hollow. We will ensure your employee benefits program compliments the goals you desire to achieve as an organization.

    We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service. We educate employers on the best options available for their insurance needs. We carry out an assessment of your insurance needs to enable us to present you with a package that is suitable for you. Thus, guarantee you a plan that will meet the needs of your business and employees.

    Contact Us

    We can’t wait to craft for you an employee benefits package that will keep your most talented employees healthy and happy. Call us now on 800-903-6066 to get a free quote and consultation from one of our employee benefits agents in Sleepy Hollow.

    Written by Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor oversees most of the marketing and client administration for the agency with help of an incredible team. Todd is a seasoned benefits insurance broker with over 35 years of industry experience. As the Founder and CEO of Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency, Inc., he provides strategic consultations and high-quality support to ensure his clients’ competitive position in the market.

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