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According to the Wall Street Journal’s Employee Retention Guide, a good benefits package is one of the most important factors in keeping quality employees–a trend that’s likely to continue well into the future as the modern workplace evolves. With the changing culture of the professional working world, a comprehensive benefits package is one of the most important tools at the disposal of a company working to retain its best and brightest employees.


This study by Prudential indicates that having health benefits and a retirement plan rank second only to job security and pay scale when it comes to employee priority. This is a clear signal to the employers and business owners that keeping pace with the changes and expectations of your employees is essential in maintaining a quality workplace that attracts the best available talent in your industry.


San Diego, California
San Diego, California


But what’s the best way to accomplish this? With further implementation of the Affordable Care Act in place through the year 2018, there will be some surprises for employers who are not prepared for the changes and transitions that will come along with it. We offer a simple yet effective way to manage the costs of employee and group plans, both for health care and retirement, in a way that makes sense and allows your business resources to be focused on what matters most.


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Employer Provided Benefits Options You Can Trust


Taylor Benefits has been providing group insurance and benefits for more than 25 years, catering to businesses of all scope and size across many different industries. Since we work with every insurance company in California, we have the unique ability to find a plan that meets your health and savings needs and also fits the budget.


We provide a free HR tool to administer group and employee benefits with ease, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent on benefits management. Some of the many group benefits and health plans we offer include group medical, dental and vision plans, employee disability, life insurance, and long term care, retirement, flex spending accounts, HSA and section 125 cafeteria plans. In addition to our wide-ranging access to California insurance plans, we also perform a yearly coverage audit during the renewal period to ensure that you are aware of all the options and choices available to you.


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Online Group Benefits Resources

Health & Human Resources – The Human Resources and Services Administration works to provide access to health care for the uninsured and underinsured.


Department of Managed Health Care – From, a list of available resources for health plans and benefits, as well as help with resolving claims and complaints.


Health Law Guide For Business – A website devoted to news and information about keeping California businesses up to date the latest health care laws.

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