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Taylor Benefits designs custom group health insurance and benefit plans for clients in Salinas and Monterey County. We strive to provide the most competitive and affordable health insurance plans for employee groups, businesses and organizations in the area. Taylor Benefits is contracted with all major health insurance carriers in California.

Salinas group health insurance plans

Health Insurance Rates – After a discussion about your benefits and coverage goals, we help you come up with a comprehensive yet affordable health insurance plan that takes into account the following essential costs of group health plan, among many others:

Salinas CA Large Group Health Insurance Plans

For large employers in Salinas, California, and elsewhere, the increasing cost of health insurance is a constant concern. Companies need to offer plans that follow the ACA requirements and appeal to their workforce. However, insurance premiums have increased significantly over the last ten years, even as companies implement cost-control measures like higher deductibles and co-payments. Overall inflation is high enough, but large employers note that health insurance prices are going up faster than general inflation—with no signs of slowing down.

The ACA rules mandate that health insurance plans include coverage for these ten essential benefit areas, which it designates as necessary for patient protection:

  1. Ambulatory patient services (outpatient care)
  2. Emergency services
  3. Hospitalization, including surgical and medical
  4. Maternity and newborn care, including delivery
  5. Mental health and substance use disorder services
  6. Prescription drugs
  7. Rehabilitative services and devices
  8. Laboratory services
  9. Preventative and wellness services, including chronic disease management
  10. Pediatric services, including dental and vision care for children under the age of 19

As long as those are covered, and the program meets the affordability standards, the insurance can be a PPO, HMO, or another type of coverage option.

Salinas CA Small Business Health Insurance Plans

While small Salinas-based companies (defined as having fewer than fifty employees) don’t have a requirement to offer health insurance to their workers, many do. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that almost half of small businesses provide medical insurance. In addition, many subsidize part or all of the premium cost. These companies can assist in establishing and administering their insurance plans through SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program), a program created by the Affordable Care Act. SHOP has information for small companies about plan choices, plus resources to assist with the red tape and start-up challenges. Ask your Taylor Benefits Insurance consultant for more details.

Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

Developing a well-crafted, comprehensive benefits package for your company in Salinas, California, is essential to ensure you can hire the talented team you need. Potential employees know the labor market is tight, and they may change jobs for a better offer. So consider mixing traditional and innovative pieces in your benefits package to broaden the appeal to a wide variety of potential employees.

Starting with the basics, workers want health insurance, paid time off, help with retirement savings, and flexibility. Employers must offer at least three days of paid sick leave in California. Although paid vacation time isn’t mandated, it’s expected.

Also, California requires companies without a retirement plan of their own to facilitate their employees’ participation in the state-run Calsavers program by making payroll deductions if requested and sharing information.

If you have the basics covered, think about some optional items that can help you stand out. Today, many workers prefer remote work or a combination of remote and in-office work. If your company is flexible, that’s a plus for recruiting and retention. But one way to attract employees into the office that usually works is free food—especially if it’s In N Out or a taco truck.

  • Co-pays for doctor office visits
  • Deductibles and out of pocket expenses
  • Co-pays for prescription drug medications
  • Maternity, newborn & pediatric services
  • Preventative care and wellness plans
  • Emergency room and hospitalization

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Compliance & Legal – Part of the challenge that many companies face when offering an employee group health plan and benefits package is that it can be difficult to manage. In addition to addressing employee questions, you also have to make sure that you have the most up-to-date information and that you’re following current health care laws. Compliance and legal issues are even more at the forefront with the Affordable Care Act largely changing the way businesses of different sizes must approach employer-sponsored health insurance.

Experience – We help you choose from the best available options to find the best fit because, quite simply, we’re well-versed in what’s available and what works for companies of different sizes. With more than two decades of experience in the health insurance industry, we have the expertise to guide you along the way to making the best choice for your group benefits and health insurance offerings.

Comprehensive & Affordable Plans | Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance In Salinas

A good health plan should strike a balance between employer costs, employee costs and out-of-pocket expenses, and quality coverage options. All of our clients have different goals and we help them find that delicate balance by working closely with each of them to determine exactly what works best for their particular business or organization. Here are some of the health insurance and group benefit plans we offer guidance with:

  • Medical, vision, and dental insurance plans
  • Disability and workers comp.
  • Indemnity plans and manage care options
  • HMO, PPO, and Point of Service plans

Salinas Health Care Links

Research On Employer-Sponsored Health Plans – Reports from the Agency For Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) that includes a wealth of publications, data and information about the current state of group health offerings and recent industry trends.

Health Projects Center – A nonprofit organization in Salinas since 1980, the Health Projects Center helps caregivers and individuals by offering programs that advance the cause of community health information and resources in Salinas.

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