Prattville Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

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Prattville Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Prattville City prides itself in being the birthplace of industry in Alabama State. With many industries scattered across this city, you will do well to increase your company’s appeal and competitiveness by providing group health insurance and employee benefits.

Insurance for your employees

Offering the right group health insurance as a business owner in Prattville City is one of the most valuable decisions you can make. Employee benefits will not only boost your employees’ productivity but also keep them healthy and happy. A study carried out on the impact of employee benefits on work motivation and productivity confirms this.

With group health insurance, your employees in Prattville City can access preventive, routine and emergency care whenever they need. It also pays for medical expenses arising from serious injury or illnesses. What this means is that as an employer, you will have less instances of employees requesting for sick leave.

Group health insurance is viewed the cornerstone of the employee benefits package as it influences productivity, minimizes employee turnover, and attracts qualified personnel. Another significant benefit of having group health insurance is that your employees will know that you care for them.

Therefore, always ensure that you go for a group cover that meets the overall health and wellness needs of your employees. You can talk to Taylor Benefits Insurance to set up a group insurance cover for your employees today.

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Who Are We?

Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency is a reputable insurance brokerage company that has been offering insurance solutions to companies and businesses since 1987.

Our team of professionals are experienced in working out a group insurance and employee benefits plan that will make your company an attractive place to work for job seekers in Prattville City.

Our group health insurance plans also take into account your company’s bottom line; we take care of your interests too.

Ultimately, we ensure that you do not spend more hiring and training employees when all you need to do to retain the good ones you have is to provide a reasonable group health insurance plan.

Insurance Products by Taylor Benefits

Over the years, we have helped all kinds of businesses find the right group health insurance for their workforce.

Here are some of the group health insurance and employee benefits that we at Taylor Benefits offer:

  • Section 125 cafeteria
  • Retirement and pension
  • Long term care
  • HAS
  • ACA (Affordable Care Act)
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Short and long term disability insurance
  • 401k
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    Why Taylor Benefits?

    At Taylor Benefits, we endeavor to help you to find the right group health insurance plan for your staff. Therefore, if you are looking for a sound group insurance cover, one that your employees will thank you for, you’ve come to the right place.

    We take advantage of our insider knowledge of the industry to work out a plan that meets your needs and those of your employees. Most importantly, we help you save time and money.

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