Pomona Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Plans

As the leading independent group health insurance agent serving California, we work with some of the most dependable insurance agents in the state. Not only do we have a large network of insurance services and employee benefits packages to provide to local businesses, but we can offer them at an inexpensive cost by using our negotiating skills. If you can’t find a plan your employees will be happy with, our staff will customize your plan to better suit your needs.

There is a lot that can be included in your health and benefit plan. It all depends on what you would like to provide everyone with at your company. Just call in for more information and we will schedule an appointment to start consulting and planning your company’s health, wellness and benefit plans.

Pomona group health insurance plans

Pomona CA Large Group Health Insurance Plans

Among the substantive elements of the Affordable Care Act, one required all companies with fifty or more workers to offer health insurance to their employees. However, most large employers already provided health insurance to their workers before the passage of the ACA, so the impact on enrollment was minimal. Other aspects of the law have made more of a difference. The affordability standard requires that large companies maintain the subscriber cost for premiums at no more than 9.6 percent of the employee’s gross income. A company can offer more than one plan for its workers to choose from, but at least one must meet the affordability standard.

The law also eliminated insurance plans from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Also, it allows people to remain on their parent’s policy until they are 26. Finally, every insurance plan must include ten essential benefits:

  1. Ambulatory patient services (outpatient care)
  2. Emergency services
  3. Hospitalization, including surgical and medical
  4. Maternity and newborn care, including delivery
  5. Mental health and substance use disorder services
  6. Prescription drugs
  7. Rehabilitative services and devices
  8. Laboratory services
  9. Preventative and wellness services, including chronic disease management
  10. Pediatric services, including dental and vision care for children under the age of 19

Pomona CA Small Business Health Insurance Plans

The ACA mandates that large companies provide insurance to their employees, but small firms don’t have the obligation. However, the ACA offers incentives and support for those small companies that want to explore their options. SHOP (Small Business Healthcare Options Program) has resources for smaller organizations to consider.

Some may even qualify for a tax credit if they meet these criteria:

  • Have fewer than 25 employees
  • Pay wages of less than $53,000 annually, on average
  • Find a health plan using SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) or an eligible broker like Taylor Benefits Insurance.
  • Pay at least half the cost for each worker enrolled.

Talk to your consultant about the best approach for your company.

Pomona CA Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

Health insurance and time off with pay are two of the benefits that employees typically prioritize. Many companies start with these as a foundation. Of course, large businesses must provide health insurance that complies with the ACA mandate. Also, since Pomona is in California, employees based there get some paid sick time.

Depending on the company’s size, if it can offer additional perks, it’s a great idea to consider what will be attractive to your workforce. Many workers look for jobs that offer these:

  • Retirement support
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Flexible working schedules
  • Childcare support (and elder care assistance)
  • Tuition reimbursement and student loan repayment

Which ones attract the potential workers you are looking for may vary according to their current priorities. Young families may be interested in paid family leave and childcare subsidies. Others may want to work remotely or need help with retirement planning. Some companies offer voluntary programs, which are often discounts they can provide workers without incurring a financial cost. These may include pet insurance, legal plans, and life insurance.

All That We Provide at a Cost You Can Afford

  • Choice & flexibility among group benefits & health coverage
  • Comprehensive medical, dental & vision plans
  • Section 125 administration
  • Group life insurance and long term care plans
  • Workers comp and disability (short term & long term)
  • Use of our HR tool to help management learn the ins and outs of the new plan
  • Health savings (HSA) and flex spending accounts (FSA)
  • Retirement, pension and 401(k) plans
  • Access to all health insurance carriers in California
  • Voluntary insurance plans & gap coverage
  • Pharmacy benefit management

Dial 800 -903-6066 and get free consultation on Pomona Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

There is so much to consider when it comes to planning out what you present to your employees. Make sure you are making the best decisions for your company and those working for it. We guarantee we can be of great assistance.

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