Orange Beach Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Orange Beach Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

With only 3% of its residents living below the poverty line, Orange Beach City is one of the cities in Alabama State that supports a vibrant workforce. Thus, employers need to know how to tailor their employment benefits to attract top candidates in their industry.

Insurance at the workplace

Are you trying to control costs yet you need to offer your employees a reasonable benefits package? According to the 2015 Employment Confidence 2015 Employment Confidence Survey conducted by Glassdoor, at least 60% of the employees agreed that perks and benefits are a major factor when considering whether to take up a job offer.

Affordable health care is costly for many employees. Therefore, they do not purchase it on their own. Providing group health insurance and employee benefit as part of your benefits program offers employees better benefits than they could purchase on their own. There is no better place to begin than talking to the professionals at Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency.

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Who Are We?

At Taylor Benefits, we understand that group health insurance is by far the most desirable by most employees. On the other hand, this is frustrating for employers. Healthy employees translate to increased productivity.

We carefully and skillfully shop for our client’s benefit plans when they are due for renewal every year. We also offer complimentary Cobra administration when you need it. Most importantly, we strive to comply with the provisions of the health care reform law.

Insurance Products by Taylor Benefits

If you are thinking of providing group health insurance and employee benefits for your employees, you must begin by deciding who will be covered, the type of cover you will offer, and the overall cost. Taylor Benefits Insurance will help you make these critical determinations and select appropriate group health insurance products from top ranking carriers.

Orange Beach group health benefits and employee insurance plans

We will take you through some of our group health insurance plans and make sense of your company budget before reaching a conclusion. Some of the group health and employee benefits that we offer and will help you understand are:

You can find a comprehensive list of the plans we offer by clicking here.

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Why Taylor Benefits?

At Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency, we understand the challenges you are faced with when attempting to provide this benefit to your employees while maintaining a healthy bottom-line. Our experienced agents will help you evaluate your options to ensure you achieve an employee benefits plan that helps you meet your goals.

We anchor our service on our 30 years of professional, concise, clear, and personal communication in helping companies get the best plan. We also identify risks and recommend various techniques and strategies that will work to your advantage. You can be sure that you are receiving sound answers, not to forget reputable advice and recommendations.

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