Minneapolis Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

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Minneapolis Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

For the best healthcare insurance that you can afford, you should consult with an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance. Independent agencies are not in competition with established insurance providers. The plans that Independent agencies write are not in competition with plans that you can find locally, or through the state or federal exchanges.

Our plans are custom-designed and written to meet the needs of our clients, many of which are unsatisfied by the plans they are being offered locally.

With over 25 years of experience writing custom group healthcare insurance plans for clients, we at Taylor Benefits Insurance have the ability to write you a plan that provides you with more healthcare benefits, for a more affordable rate. If you want a better plan than the one you are currently enrolled in, contact Taylor Benefits Insurance today to learn more.

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Benefits We Offer Our Clients

The following essential health benefits are offered in all our group healthcare insurance plans. We take great care to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the level of healthcare coverage they receive.

Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Minneapolis

From 2014 to 2015, the average resident of Minneapolis-St. Paul spent just over 8% of their overall expenditures on healthcare. To put this into perspective, the average resident spent more on healthcare than he or she spent on food. However, there is a way that Minneapolis residents can lower the amount of money they are spending on healthcare, while increasing the amount of healthcare benefits they receive: group healthcare insurance plans. The problem with group insurance in Minneapolis (Minnesota) is that more people do not know about it!

Group healthcare insurance plans put you in a pool with other people, where you and others pool your money to collectively gain a better healthcare plan. Your healthcare plan will provide better, more comprehensive benefits, with more affordable rates, due to the way that group healthcare insurance plans are structured.

You can save even more money when you contract an independent agency to write your plan, since independent agencies are not in competition with the exchanges or insurance providers.

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How Group Insurance Can Benefit You

All our plans at Taylor Benefits Insurance are custom-written for our clients. Like you, our clients are unsatisfied with the healthcare plan they are on. They want a better plan, and due to our independent status as an insurance writing agency, we can provide one. Group healthcare insurance plans are more affordable, more comprehensive, and more customizable than plans from insurance providers and the exchanges, which makes our clients very happy

The Taylor Benefits Promise

Contact an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance to see if group healthcare insurance is right for you. At Taylor Benefits Insurance, we will provide you with a free estimate so you can see the difference for yourself. You are under no obligation to pay, and you are under no obligation to sign up for a plan, in order to receive your free estimate.

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