Lompoc Group Health insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Lompoc group health insurance plans

The most important part of a business is keeping your customers and employees happy. One of the greatest ways to keep your employees pleased and willing to work is by offering them inexpensive health insurance and employee benefits. Those with families to care for are especially concerned with the insurance and benefits provided through their employer. Having health insurance is extremely important and necessary if immediate healthcare is needed.

For over 25 years, businesses throughout Lompoc and the State of California have been coming to Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency. As brokers, we’ve formed close relationships with the best insurance carriers around which allow us to find the right plans at a cheaper rate. These connections have allowed us the freedom of negotiating. We can create your plan to address the needs of those working for your company.

Basic Health Insurance Plans – Keeping It Simple

The most basic health insurance plans and accounts available are PPO, HAS, FSA and HMO. Dental, vision, medical, 401(k), short and long term care, and life insurance are usually provided through these common plans. Nevertheless, if the basic plans don’t suffice, our brokers will gladly help you come up with benefits and an insurance plan that works for everyone in the company collectively.

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  • PPO- offers employees more freedom, allowing them to choose their doctors and healthcare providers. Using in-house providers can cut medical costs drastically.
  • HSA- a tax-free health savings account that is used to pay for health expenses.
  • HMO- through a health maintenance organization, employees must use specified health providers related to their health concern.
  • FSA- a flex spending account that holds earned money without charging taxes. This money can be used to pay excess medical expenses just as an HSA account. However, flex spending accounts add more leniency.

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