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Offering your employees the right type of health insurance benefits is no simple task to navigate, yet one that’s becoming increasingly more important for many companies across the country. Today, companies need to put more effort into the health insurance plans they offer employees to remain competitive in their field, attract new qualified talent, and motivate current employees.

If you are now looking for new insurance plans, such as a large group health insurance POS plan, we at Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency are ready to assist you. Our brokerage services have empowered many large companies to quickly access the right type of health insurance for them and their employees.

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What Is a POS Insurance Plan?

A POS (Point of Service) plan is a type of coverage that allows insurers to pay less when they use the health care providers included in the plan’s network. Like an HMO, individuals will choose a Primary Care Provider that will oversee their care and provide referrals to different specialists when necessary.

The costs are lower when seeing an in-network provider, but like in the case of PPOs, people can see providers outside the network, but at a higher cost.

POS are becoming a popular choice in health coverage for large groups because of their many benefits:

  • Lower costs
  • Flexibility in choosing providers
  • Fewer paperwork requirements, etc.

With the right large group POS insurance plan, companies can offer employees an affordable and flexible healthcare solution.

How Can Your Company Find the Right POS Plan

The market is not extremely offering, presenting both companies and individuals with a lot of choices in health care coverage, even beyond the POS-type plans.

However, in order to ensure you are making the right choice for your company and your employees, it’s extremely important to research the market and compare the different plans available. Only then can your company find the one that best suits the unique needs of your firm, and the expectations for your employees.

This task is made much easier with the right help. As an insurance brokerage company, Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency can assist your company and take on much of the heavy lifting for you. With our services, all you need to do is to tell us your expectations, and we can handle the rest.

Why Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency Is the Right Choice

For over 25 years, Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency has been supporting companies nationwide in navigating the difficult world of health insurance. Our support is a veritable asset for all large companies needing to improve the type of health benefits they offer employees.

By working with the Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency, you will get:

  • Valuable Expertise – 25 years in the business has allowed us to build impressive industry connections and gather a lot of insights into this world that are hard to come by. We tap into these resources for every single client;
  • Personalized Support – There is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to health insurance. Our team will begin the process by first assessing your particular needs and using them to guide our search. You will only be presented with the top choices that suit you;
  • An objective Perspective – We are an independent brokerage company, so our search is not limited to just a handful of insurance providers. We extensively research the market to ensure that whatever options we present you with are truly beneficial for your company and employees;
  • Simplicity – Essentially, we’ll look for the best health care coverage so you don’t have to. And by tapping into our extensive resources, we can provide you with great options in a fraction of the time it would take your in-house team to do it.

And more!

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