How Much Does Group Healthcare Cost in California?

How Much Does Group Healthcare Cost in California?

Providing group healthcare for your employees is essential if you are trying to create and maintain a successful business in California. Of course, as a business owner you’re probably concerned with the costs. There are certain factors that affect the cost of the insurance plans you provide to employees, including:

  • The insurance carrier or broker
  • The location
  • Your employees’ demographics
  • The healthcare plan and employee benefits chosen
  • The financial plan you chose

Other factors may affect the cost aside from the ones listed above. It all depends on the information provided. The best way to find the absolute lowest rates for group healthcare plans is by going through an insurance broker. A dependable broker such as Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency has a broad network of insurance carriers throughout California that they like to work with. After 30 years in the insurance agency, Taylor Benefits has been able to satisfy the needs of companies big and small throughout the state, offering them lower rates and quality insurance packages.

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How Your Company Will Financially Benefit from Group Healthcare Plans

On average, a California business is known to spend $5,000 annually per employee. For employee’s paying for health insurance through their work, the average cost is around $1,500 a month. That includes healthcare for themselves and family. However, this doesn’t include how a business would benefit financially in other ways due to their purchase of group healthcare.

When you provide group health insurance to your employees, your business may qualify for large tax breaks. Your ability to retain and attract hardworking individuals perfect for the job will also help you slash costs. You won’t need to put so much effort or money into advertising and training. If you go through Taylor Benefits, you’ll surely save money. We’re able to negotiate costs with the most reputable insurance carriers.

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Written by Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

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