Group EPO’s in California

It isn’t always easy to attract and retain experienced, reliable hard working individuals to work for your company with all the other businesses you must compete with. It’s important to offer your employees the greatest and most inexpensive health insurance and employee benefit plans if you are trying to keep quality people working for you. The easiest and most beneficial way to find the right group health plan is by going through a reputable and inexpensive insurance broker like Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency.

There are several basic health plans to choose from if you don’t want to have your own plan tailored. For example, Group EPO is one of the basic plans some businesses choose. Group EPO forces employees to seek care within a network if it is to be paid for through the plan. Due to the strict policies behind the plan, negotiations on medical care can be made in some circumstances, lowering the patient’s premium.

Group EPO is a money saver which is why many California businesses choose to go with this plan. It also allows a little more flexibility with your in-network providers unlike Group HMO. You don’t always have to get referrals from a primary care physician with EPO like you do with an HMO plan.

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Finding a Group EPO plan isn’t always easy. Not all insurance carriers offer this plan. Luckily, Taylor Benefits is able to find the right EPO plan for your company if that’s what you seek. Contact us at 800-903-6066 for more information and a FREE proposal! We’ll search through our network of insurance carriers until we find the best and most affordable Group EPO plan for you.

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Written by Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

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