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Greensboro Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

For the best healthcare insurance, stop relying on individual or family insurance plans from established insurance providers or the federal exchange. Instead, enroll in a custom-written group healthcare insurance plan provided by an independent agency like Taylor Benefits Insurance.

Independent agencies are not in competition with insurance providers, and their plans are not affected by plans offered through the federal exchange. As a result, clients of independent agencies receive better benefits and better coverage, with better rates and premiums. With over 25 years of experience in insurance writing, Taylor Benefits Insurance can help you save money with a group healthcare insurance plan.

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Our Benefits Package for Clients

The following essential healthcare benefits are included in our group healthcare insurance plans for our clients. Our clients seek us out for comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate. All our plans are custom-written to better serve them.

Typical Problems with Group Insurance in Greensboro

Healthcare premiums for plans found through the federal exchange could rise dramatically if the future of Obamacare remains politically and legally uncertain. Residents of smaller urban areas, and rural areas, will be the most affected if insurance providers pull out of the market. Greensboro (North Carolina) residents enrolled in Obamacare plans should make sure that their insurance provider will not pull out of the market.

Group healthcare insurance plans provide enrollees with more affordable rates and premiums. With a group plan, you can receive the same healthcare coverage or better. You pool your money with a group, and the group uses its increased purchasing power and leverage to obtain better healthcare benefits and coverage for its members.

The process is straightforward and simple. All you need to do is sign up for group healthcare, and let the independent agency do the rest. Independent agencies like Taylor Benefits Insurance write custom plans for group clients, so you will receive the healthcare insurance you need at a more satisfactory rate.

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Why Independent Agencies are Better

At Taylor Benefits Insurance, we custom-write our plans to ensure that each group client receives the healthcare it needs. Other plan providers do not custom-write their plans. With a custom plan, you can rest assured that you will receive the healthcare coverage your group needs, at a more favorable cost, compared to individual or family plans from insurance providers or the federal exchange.

The Taylor Benefits Promise

Contact an independent agency to start saving money on your healthcare costs. Make sure you are not affected by Obamacare price and premium hikes in the near future. Enroll in group healthcare insurance plans. Taylor Benefits Insurance will provide you with a free estimate so you can see the difference in rates and coverage for yourself. No payment is necessary, and you do not have to enroll in a plan, to receive your estimate.

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