Eugene Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Eugene is considered the second most populous city in Oregon with the largest population working in healthcare and education. The city also has a population that exceeds 150,000 people. With such a large population or people mainly working together, employers might find it easier to offer group health insurance and benefits plans to their employees.

With such benefits and incentives, Oregon’s economy will continue to flourish.

Eugene group health insurance plans

Eugene OR Large Group Health Insurance Plans

The Affordable Care Act requires every company employing more than fifty workers to provide health insurance. Further, each business must ensure that the policies they offer include the needed essential benefits and meet the affordability standards. The affordability threshold for 2023 limits an employee’s share of the premium to 9.12 percent of their income. If an employer allows a choice between plans, at least one must meet the standard, which also requires that every policy cover 60 percent of anticipated expenses.

If the company offers subscribers one policy that meets the affordability standards, others may cost more than the affordable amount. For example, some subscribers may want a minimalist option with a lower premium even though it costs more when they need care. These plans may make sense for consumers who don’t expect high usage and who can afford to pay the cost of expenses that do occur. These “bare-bones” plans may also be the best choice for subscribers facing high premiums. Others want the security of a lower deductible and co-payment, even if the monthly premium is higher. Large companies may be able to offer employees choices at various premium levels.

Eugene OR Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Small companies that employ fewer than fifty people don’t have to provide health insurance for their workers. Still, some want to, and those can find help through the ACA SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program), which offers resources, plans, and support. Your Taylor Benefits Insurance consultant can help you navigate through the options.

In addition to administrative help, some businesses may be eligible for tax credits to help offset the cost of implementing coverage. However, these companies must have fewer than 25 workers, and other requirements include a lower-wage workforce. Furthermore, the company needs to pay a specific percentage of the premium cost, so check with your specialist to see if you may qualify for assistance.

Eugene OR Employee Benefit Plans and Employee Benefit Packages

In benefit surveys, healthcare is often the most frequently mentioned perk workers want, followed by paid time off. Ten states, including Oregon, require companies to offer paid sick time, so Eugene-based businesses provide up to 40 hours of leave based on how many hours each person works. Even though paid vacation and holiday time isn’t a state or federal requirement, many private employers give some, with the amount determined by seniority or rank.

Other benefits can range from more insurance, like vision and dental coverage, to retirement assistance, tuition reimbursement, and discounts on fitness memberships. In addition, more unusual perks may help a hiring company gain attention, like offering unlimited vacation time, free lunches, onsite yoga classes, and paid time off for volunteering.

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Group health insurance is ideal for people who work together as in the case of Eugene residents. Employers pick suitable plans for eligible employees.

Employee benefits, such as health insurance, are added benefits that employees receive in addition to their wages. These work well in creating a functional working environment. This has, in the recent past, been embraced by most employers because they offer a cheap and effective form of health benefits.

Who We Are

Taylor Benefits is an insurance company located in San Jose, CA. Established in 1987, we have mastered the art of providing group insurance and other employee benefits for our customers. We have also managed to expand our services to cover the entire country. We focus on group insurance and employee benefits plans for large and small businesses. With us, you are assured of getting the perfect health insurance and employee benefits plans within your budget.

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Our Products

We strive to provide different products for different clients to fit their desired needs. This has led us to create diverse products.

Eugene group health benefits and employee insurance plans

Our group health insurance and employee benefits products include:

  • Retirement and pension
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance with different dental plans.
  • Vision insurance
  • 401k
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • HSA
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care
  • Small group health insurance
  • Eugene large group health insurance

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Why Taylor Benefits?

We are independent insurance brokers with access to all competitive carriers nationwide for health insurance and other benefits plans. In addition we also ensure that our clients’ carriers maintain competitive positions in the market by doing annual reviews.

We provide complimentary Cobra administration through a 3rd party administrator when needed. Cobra administration is designed for employees who have stopped working for you but would still like to have access to their benefits. We also offer an integrated online HR management system for HR and benefits plans administration. This makes your administrative work easier.

Our company will also provide plan administration for all your benefits plans throughout the year. We will keep your company updated on compliance issues and as new provisions of the health care reform law come into effect.

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