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To help business owners and plan administrators with the ins and outs of employee benefit plans, there are many conferences held around the country. These conferences help teach and enlighten business owners about the ins and outs of offering employee benefit plans to your employees. These conferences are held by some of the leading regulators and key decision makers in the industry and you’ll have your choice of conferences to choose from.

Not all employee benefit plan conferences are held in person. As a business owner, you’ll have the option of attending online courses and conferences as well. For example, the AICPA offers a variety of conferences including ones that can be streamed live at specifically set times. Several universities such as the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants also hold employee benefit plan conferences.

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What Is Addressed during an EBP Conference?

Whether the conference is an in-person meeting or a webinar, there are several things usually brought up and addressed during the gathering. Some issues you can expect to be talked about include:

  • The hiring and firing process
  • Legal and payroll tax issues
  • Health care, retirement and fringe benefit tax issues
  • IRS tax examinations
  • IRS tax issues
  • Audits of 401(k) plans and other employee benefits
  • Developments and issues defining an effective and successful audit
  • How to deal with payroll taxes and 1099 issues
  • Assuring plan compliance with ERISA
  • Multiple employer plans
  • Case studies
  • Defined benefit pension plans or defined contribution retirement plans

Of course, depending on what conference you attend, the information and audits received may differ. Every conference offers different insight so make sure you’re attending a conference that is beneficial to you and your line of business.

Written by Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

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