Duncanville Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Duncanville, Texas, is a racially diverse historic city. The city offers educational and networking programs to enhance business development. It is a great place to conduct business and raise a family. The city’s chamber of commerce promotes educational and civic programs which are geared towards promoting business prosperity.

Duncanville group health insurance plans

Advantages of Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

There are many challenges facing employers while providing group health insurance. The constantly changing healthcare platform and the recent reforms have made many employers shy away from providing these valuable perks. The advantages of employee benefits are numerous and employers providing the right level of coverage gain in many ways. They are in a position to attract the most skilled and talented employees. Employee turnover is greatly minimized and employees return to work faster after sick leaves. Group health insurance is quite instrumental in running a thriving business. The cost of running a business is lower and your business gets tax benefits.

Qualities of a Good Insurance company

A good insurance company will give you the most appropriate products for your needs and offer some level of security. In order to select a good insurance company, consider the following aspects:

  • Reputation – Investing in an insurance policy is quite crucial and you will want to engage a company which will be there any time you need them. Its reputation will determine whether or not it is a company you can rely on.
  • Customer service – They should provide reliable customer care support who are available round the clock. They should respond to queries in a timely manner and should be accessible through various means.
  • Innovative products – Consider the products that an insurance company provides to ensure that they can satisfy your specific needs. They should be flexible enough to accommodate your changing needs.
  • Advantages of an Insurance Broker

    Due to the complexity of the insurance industry, buying an insurance plan can be quite a challenge. An insurance broker will help you get the right coverage without much hustle. The benefits of an insurance broker include:

  • Brokers are quite familiar with the insurance market and they will work fast to get quotes from several insurers. They shop on your behalf saving you the time you could have used in doing research.
  • Insurance brokers offer cheaper rates for the plans which best satisfy your needs. They make comparisons of various carriers to choose the best for your type of needs.
  • The claims process is quite tedious and stressful. A broker handles the entire process on your behalf to ensure that you get fair compensation in a timely manner.
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    Who We Are

    We are a leading group health insurance broker offering high value service to companies in Duncanville. We work closely with you to understand your company goals, then craft the most appropriate employee benefits plan. With an experience of more than 30 years, we are able to customize our insurance plans to meet the changing needs of your staff. We are independent and we engage the best carriers in the country to select the best insurance plans. We make work easier for you by handling all your benefits plans throughout the year. We also strive to ascertain that your current carriers are maintaining a competitive position in the market before renewing your policy every year.

    Duncanville group health benefits and employee insurance plans

    Taylor Benefits’ Insurance products

    At Taylor Benefits, we offer insurance products which are customized to suit your specific needs. Our products include:

  • Life insurance plans
  • Medical insurance plans
  • Health insurance plans
  • Employee benefits plans
  • Wellness plans
  • ACA compliance
  • 401k plans
  • Vision insurance plans
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • Long and short-term disability insurance
  • Dental insurance plans
  • Health Savings Accounts (HSA) plans
  • Retirement insurance plans
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    Reasons to Choose Taylor Benefits

    At Taylor Benefits, we pride ourselves in the help we give to both large and small companies to ensure that they remain competitive. We craft very affordable insurance plans which take care of the specific needs of your business. Duncanville will benefit from our online HR system in the management of their benefits plans. We also ensure that you have the right information to make smart decisions. When you engage us, the privacy of our discussions is guaranteed.

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    Written by Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor

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