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When two individuals decide to create a life together by moving in with one another and planning a future together, they may be qualified for domestic partnership benefits as long as they are introduced as part of an employer’s health and benefit plan for employees. Of course, to prove that an employee is in a domestic partnership is difficult so there are some strict requirements to the benefit plan.

Requirements of a Domestic Partner Benefit Plan

Domestic partnerships can be that of a man and woman or those of the same gender whom are in a relationship. Employers get to decide these terms.
The employer sets the restrictions and defines the relations of a domestic partnership. These elements usually include:

  • The partners must be of minimum age requirements
  • Neither person is related by blood
  • The partners must share a committed relationship
  • The relationship must remain exclusive between the partners
  • Both partners must be financially independent
  • The partners must be able to provide proof of their relations. This may include a written and signed statement, or proof of joint accounts.

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Most employers that provide domestic partnership benefits will offer the lowest cost plans. However, offering these benefits is a great way to attract qualified individuals as domestic partnerships increase throughout the years. It offers market competition and diversity in the workplace and most businesses will see an increase in productivity and profit over time. It also helps encourage and brings awareness to domestic partnerships whether they’re of the same sex or opposite sex.

Hire an Insurance Broker

Finding an insurance carrier that offers low cost health insurance and employee benefit plans to those in domestic partnerships isn’t always so easy. It is best to hire a reliable insurance broker when you are interested in offering such plans. They’ll have the ability to modify your domestic partnership benefit plan while negotiating costs with the carrier.

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