Dallas Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Dallas group health insurance plans

The city of Dallas, Oregon, was originally named Cynthiana, before its name change to the current Dallas, to suit its status as a county seat. It has one highway that serves the city and it is home to Polk County Itemizer, which is a weekly newspaper. It also has one licensed radio station.

Why Offer Employee Benefits?

Every insurance provider would like to employ the best staff and retain them so as to avoid the high costs of frequent recruitment. Employee benefits help you employ the best talent and positions you ahead of your competitors. Your employees will be highly motivated and productive. They also associate with your business and have a feeling of ownership which reduces turnover. Moreover, it promotes a feeling of a community among the employees because the benefits are uniform. It also takes care of the dependents of your staff which greatly reduces their health care expenses and promotes loyalty. As an employer, you are in a position to command cheaper group rates and get reduced tax liabilities.

How to choose an Insurance Provider

We have many insurance providers each promising the most competitive prices and the best coverage. This calls for careful research on your part so as to choose the best one for your needs. In order to make the right selection, consider the following:

  • Licensing – In order to be sure that you are working with a legitimate company, ensure that it is licensed by your state.
  • Customer service – The insurance industry is service based and you do not make a purchase, consume the goods and forget. You need to be able to reach the company for clarification. A reliable customer service should be accessible through various means round the clock.
  • Financial stability – Make sure that the company makes wise investments and manages its resources well to offer payment of claims at any given time of the year.
  • Reputation – choose a company that has a good reputation of making compensation and handling its customers well.

Benefits of an Insurance Broker

You can purchase an insurance policy directly from the insurer or engage an insurance broker. However, a broker presents more benefits. These include:

  • Better policies – Since they do not work for a particular company, they compare options from various carries to offer better policies at cheaper rates.
  • Claims management – They handle the claims process by helping you in filing for claims and completing all required paperwork.
  • Expertise – They have a good technical knowledge and expertise, so they offer expert advice and suggestions to make the right choice.
  • Flexibility – Insurance brokers are proactive and flexible. They respond to your queries online, through phone calls, text messages and emails – just for your convenience.

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About Taylor Benefits

At Taylor Benefits we work with various carriers in the city of Dallas to offer many options of group health insurance plans for you to choose from. We pride ourselves in our experience of over 20 years, which guarantees that we offer the right solutions to your particular needs. We work with all types of companies in the city of Dallas and across the country to offer custom-made insurance plans that satisfy the specific needs of your business. We also offer impeccable employee benefits plans to increase your appeal to the best talent. Before every renewal which is done yearly, we analyze your insurance plan to make sure that your current insurance carriers are maintaining a competitive position in the market and if not so, we make changes. Companies in Dallas can take advantage of our integrated online HR management system to manage their employee benefits plans.

Dallas group health benefits and employee insurance plans

Our Insurance Products

At Taylor Benefits, we offer the following group health insurance and employee benefits products:

  • Employee benefits and wellness plans
  • Medical insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Employee pensions
  • Dental insurance
  • 401(k) plans set up and servicing
  • Health savings plans (HSA)
  • Vision insurance
  • Group health insurance plans
  • Long-term care plans
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance
  • Group retirement plans
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • Group life insurance
  • HMO and PPO
  • Short-term disability plan

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Why Choose Us?

At Taylor Benefits, you are guaranteed high quality group health insurance plans to take care of the specific needs of your employees. We offer convenience by providing online tools. We also offer Cobra administration if you need it. We are also keen to ensure that your pans are in line with the requirements of Affordable care act to attract tax benefits.

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Written by Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor oversees most of the marketing and client administration for the agency with help of an incredible team. Todd is a seasoned benefits insurance broker with over 35 years of industry experience. As the Founder and CEO of Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency, Inc., he provides strategic consultations and high-quality support to ensure his clients’ competitive position in the market.

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