Coweta Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Coweta group health insurance plans
The city of Coweta, Oklahoma offers a mix of national and local retailers. This city still offers opportunities for retail development with the aim of providing its businesses as well as residents the convenience of shopping around. Moreover, the available skilled labor is an advantage to employers as they can get great talent easily.

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Your employees are a valued asset to your organization. This does not only mean providing a competitive salary but also offering an attractive benefits package. Offering benefits may appear to be costly but when you look at the benefits you get in return, they are worth much more. For instance, if you offer benefits and comply with all the industry regulations you will be entitled to a number of perks that include tax credits, ability to attract talented workers and a decline in employee turnover among other things.

What to Look For In an Insurance Provider

While you would think that the internet has made it easy for you to find an insurance provider for your group employee benefits plan, this is not entirely true. The truth is that you need to know what you are looking for to begin with. Here are some of the factors you need to look for in a provider:

  • Customer service. While a good insurance provider will have a presence online, they also need to be able to offer solutions via telephone. Most importantly, pay attention to the manner through which they respond to questions and the speed with which they pay claims.
  • Favorable premiums. You will do well to find out if the insurance provider offers insurance packages with affordable rates and premiums.
  • Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker

    There are many advantages that you can enjoy when you let an insurance broker cater for your group health insurance and employee benefit needs. These include the following:

  • Insurance brokers work for you since they are not committed to a single insurance company. Brokers represent multiple insurance carries.
  • Brokers have the ability of being able to shop around for a plan with a suitable rate for you. They take your budget into consideration and work out a plan that is not too costly.
  • Insurance brokers can access a large product shelf. They also stay up to date with the employee benefit options that different companies offer hence are able to give you the best.
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    Who We Are

    Taylor Benefits is a respectable provider of group health insurance and employee benefit packages in the city of Coweta. Since our establishment in 1987, we have continually offered affordable and unique employee benefit solutions for employers and employees in this city. Our insurance professionals make up the industry’s best talent hence you are guaranteed of high standards of professionalism, excellent communication and a realistic plan that is relevant to your needs. We have a good understanding of the regulations that govern the insurance and employee benefit industry. Thus, we give you the best to help you compete with other employers for top talent.

    Coweta group health benefits and employee insurance plans

    Insurance Products by Taylor Benefits

    At Taylor Benefits, we provide an extensive product line of group health insurance and employee benefit options. This includes the following:

  • Vision insurance
  • Group medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Employee benefits and wellness plans
  • Short-term disability insurance
  • Group 401 (k) plans
  • Pension plans
  • Retirement plans
  • Health savings plans
  • Long-term care
  • Life insurance
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
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    Why Taylor Benefits

    At Taylor Benefits, we take advantage of our position and experience in the industry to create incredible employee benefit plans that are unique to you. We achieve this by working with many insurance carriers in the city of Coweta since we are an independent agency. We shop for the right components for your plan, negotiate for the best rates and offer you professional and unbiased advice. We also continue to offer you support once you have signed up for a plan including helping you to file and follow up claims to make sure they are paid. Most importantly, we make sure that your plan complies with all the set legislation so that you don’t end up attracting penalties for non-compliance.

    Get In Touch

    Get in touch with out top professionals to initiate the process of obtaining a group health insurance and employee benefits plan. Call us on 800-903-6066 and we shall give you advice and create an incredible plan for you.

    Written by Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor

    Todd Taylor oversees most of the marketing and client administration for the agency with help of an incredible team. Todd is a seasoned benefits insurance broker with over 35 years of industry experience. As the Founder and CEO of Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency, Inc., he provides strategic consultations and high-quality support to ensure his clients’ competitive position in the market.

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