Covina Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Finding group health insurance and employee benefit plans that satisfy your employees is extremely important if you want your business to flourish in Covina. Providing them with a way to prepare for their futures and care for their families is the ultimate way to keep employees around. Everyone needs to feel secure with their jobs and ready for their futures.

After twenty five plus years in the insurance industry, Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency has been the leading insurance broker for the Alameda area. When you come to us for help, we offer our consulting, training and auditing services aside from finding the right insurance and benefit plan at the lowest cost. This makes it easier for you to explain the plan to the managers of your company so that they can help all other employees to understand.

Covina group health insurance plans

What You Will Have to Choose From

There are many different plans, benefits and insurance options to select from. It’s no wonder businesses often get overwhelmed when they choose to find their own insurance carrier. An experienced insurance broker will help you make any decisions. Then they’ll make sure that your plan is in accordance with the Affordable Care Act.

  • HSA and FSA accounts
  • COBRA & health coverage continuation
  • Health Maintenance Organization plans
  • Preferred Provider Organization plans
  • Flex spending and health savings accounts
  • Employee retirement plans and 401(k) savings options
  • Employee health plans and benefits
  • Group medical, dental & vision insurance
  • Group indemnity and managed care plans
  • Life insurance and long term care
  • Workers’ compensation & disability insurance (short & long term)
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
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