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Taylor Benefits is an independent group insurance agent with more than 25 years of experience from the Bay Area to Northern California. We use our expertise and knowledge to help businesses find an affordable solution to providing quality, comprehensive health plans and employee benefits. Our service area includes Citrus Heights and all of Sacramento County and we provide the following group benefits and health options in the area:


  • Employee health, dental & vision coverage
  • Retirement, investing, pension & 401(k)
  • Prevention & wellness programs for employees
  • Disability and workers’ compensation insurance
  • Group life insurance plans
  • Long term care
  • Indemnity plans and managed care options
  • Health savings and flex spending accounts
  • Group life insurance plans
  • Prescription drug coverage


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Citrus Heights, California
Citrus Heights, California


Group Plans, Tax Breaks and Attracting Quality Employees

Quality Employees – It’s no secret that a competitive benefits package is an important bargaining chip when trying to attract the best employees in your industry. A quality health insurance plan, coupled with an effective investment vehicle for retirement planning, can often be the difference in landing and retaining the top employees available.


Tax Advantages – There are definite tax advantages to be had for companies that provide their employees with health coverage and benefits. An employer, for example, can actually increase the value of benefits offered to employees while creating a better overall savings to the company thanks to tax deductions and incentives. For businesses that provide benefits and have fewer than 25 employees, they may qualify for a tax credit.


To learn more about tax credits and provisions of the Affordable Care Act, visit this resource from the IRS that has up to date information.


Group Rates – One of the main benefits of a good group health plan is that it allows you, as an employer, to leverage the savings that can be found with discounted group rates. Even companies that don’t pay toward the cost of employee benefits can still offer affordable group rates to those in the company.


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Citrus Heights Group Health Resources


California Wellness Foundation – CalWellness is a group that works to improve the overall health in California through grants, advocacy and support of other programs and nonprofits in the state that help advance community health.


Pros & Cons Of Providing Employee Benefits – While health benefits may not be a requirement for many small businesses, whether or not you offer them can have a big impact on your company. This resource will help you determine if it’s a good investment for your business and employees.




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