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Many companies view the cost of providing employer-sponsored health benefits as prohibitive since it can often take up a good chunk of the budget. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, benefits make up 30% of the cost of paying a private sector employee, which can understandably be seen as am obstacle for some, especially small and medium sized businesses.


The good news is that offering a quality benefits package doesn’t have to hamstring your business by cutting into your bottom line. With more than 25 years in the industry, Taylor Benefits provides employee groups and businesses in Chico with the tools and expertise to make an informed decision that fits the budget, as we as the long range plans, of any business. These are some of the services and products we offer in the area:


  • Group health, dental & vision insurance
  • Tax-sheltered health spending accounts (FSA & HSA)
  • Workers’ compensation and disability insurance
  • Employee retirement, pension and 401(k) plans
  • Cafeteria plans (section 125)
  • Group life insurance and long term care
  • Wellness programs and preventive care
  • HMO & PPO employee health plans


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Chico, California
Chico, California


Guidance, Compliance & Free Annual Policy Review


Guidance – Whether your have questions about the specifics of plan administration or need some advice on how to choose the best option for your company, we provide the guidance you’ll need every step of the way. There are many factors that affect the quality and cost of a group health plan offering and we draw on our expertise to help you choose an option that fits your business, your budget and the needs of your employees.


Compliance – Health care reform laws can change frequently and it’s important to stay compliant with the employer requirements and responsibilities. This is especially true with Affordable Care Act, which will be rolling out changes to existing health laws through 2022. With our expertise, you’ll not only be aware of any changes, but you’ll be able to prepare for them well before they’re implemented to maximize the value of your health plan and group benefit offering.


Policy Review – We provide a free policy review for all clients each year during the renewal period. As mentioned above, the changes that will come with the Affordable Care Act mean that it’s vital to stay on top of changing laws, requirements and regulations. During the policy review period, we consult with our clients to ensure they are offering a quality health insurance and benefit plan that fits both the budget and culture of their company.


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Chico Group Health Resources


Investing In Health Prevention – Learn how preventive health care and wellness programs can improve the quality of life, not just for individuals, but also for communities. Prevention is a key part of promoting health and wellness on a larger scale and it’s essential to any community, professional or otherwise.


National Committee For Quality Assurance – A tremendous resource for employers, consumers and health care professionals alike, the NCQA is a nonprofit organization that accredits and certifies health organizations and works to improve the overall quality of health care in the U.S.


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