California Group Section 125 Cafeteria Services

group section 125 cafeteria in california

California Group Section 125 Cafeteria

Owning a company is a lot of responsibility. There are so many laws that must be obeyed and a lot of competition throughout California that you’ll need to keep up with. One of the greatest ways to keep employees happily working for you is by providing them with the absolute greatest health insurance and benefits around. This gives them a way to care for themselves and their families.

One of the more common plans that might ring a bell is the Section 125 Cafeteria plan. This plan makes it possible for employees to use their pretax earnings to cover their medical care within certain limitations. It gives employees more options to choose to include in their plans and benefits package. For example, an employee can set up a FSA or flex spending account under Section 125. As an employer, you can save money by qualifying for tax breaks and other financial perks.

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After 30 long years of dedication to the insurance industry as leading insurance brokers in California, Taylor Benefits has made many connections. We work with the best insurance carriers in the state so that we can find you the best plans at the best rates. We’ll even make sure your plan and benefits are up to par with the regulations listed in the Affordable Care Act so that you can qualify for financial breaks even with taxes.

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