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California Group Long Term Care

One of the simplest ways to appeal to individuals qualified to work for your business is by providing them with the greatest and least expensive health insurance and benefit options, especially long term care. Although this form of insurance isn’t included in company health plans, it can be added to your company’s package at very little extra cost.

As healthcare costs gradually rise, providing long-term care to your employees is more essential than it has ever been. For less than 1% of payroll, you can give this option to your employees. With all the inconsistencies in retirement plans and social security, long term care plans have become increasingly more popular. For employers and employees having this option is extremely beneficial. Employees will pay less for this insurance considering the premium is based on the group as a whole. It is a great way to attract and retain employees as a California business.

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How Taylor Benefits Can Help Find the Right Long Term Care Plan

To find the right long term care insurance to add to your health insurance and employee benefits plan, call Taylor Benefits Insurance Agency at 800-903-6066. We have been working in the insurance agency as one of the leading brokers of California for nearly 30 years. With our large network of insurance carriers we are certain we can find what you’re looking for out of a package for your employees. We’ll even present you with multiple options and different proposals for FREE. Call in today to learn more. We look forward to your call and setting your business up with the greatest long term care and health insurance plans around!

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Written by Todd Taylor

Todd Taylor

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