Brookhaven Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Brookhaven is a city in Lincoln County, Mississippi. The city has come a long way in development allowing business owners in the region to have an easy time growing their businesses. One of the main reasons for this growth is the availability of a ready workforce. As an employer, you are urged to consider offering group health insurance as part of the employee benefits package.

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Offering group health insurance to your employees is one of the best decisions you can make as a business leader. The plan is part of group employee benefits that are aimed at making your workers’ lives easier. Your employees get a chance to access the great American healthcare system at no extra cost. What’s more, even their dependents get the same benefits allowing your employees to better manage their monthly wages. As an employer, you could use this plan to improve your company culture, and cultivate employee loyalty.

What to Look For In an Insurance Provider

To get such a plan, you will need an insurance provider. Your insurance provider should be a competent one to ensure that you get the most out of your health cover. There are a few qualities that depict such a provider.

  • They should be registered in your state. State registration is great because it allows you as a consumer to access crucial information through the state insurance department. This department is also an authority that you can turn to whenever you have issues with your provider.
  • Find an insurance provider who has a proven track record. This will involve you looking at the reviews and considering what your doctor and other users have to say about them. A track record is good because it allows us to judge the provider’s ability to offer quality service.
  • Also, find out whether your provider is accessible. Your provider could have the best service in the entire nation, but if they are not accessible to you as the customer, then it adds up to nothing. An accessible provider shows that they are ready to offer you the best.
  • Benefits of Working with an Insurance Broker

    Alternatively, you could find an insurance broker. Insurance brokers are a popular option for most employers/business owners because they make your work of finding an insurance provider easy. Insurance brokers also help you find the most suitable insurance policy for your company.

    An insurance broker will offer you valuable advice that will help you fully understand your insurance policy. This is good because you will have full confidence in your cover.

    Some brokers such as Taylor Benefits will offer you additional services such as an integrated online HR management system for your HR and benefits plan administration.

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    Who We Are

    Taylor Benefits is an insurance brokerage firm located in San Jose, California. We work with numerous insurance providers to ensure that you get the best insurance policies in the market. We are accessible to our clients, thanks to a network of branches all over the United States. This, together with a team of certified experts makes it possible for us to handle both large and small companies.

    Brookhaven group health benefits and employee insurance plans

    Insurance Products by Taylor Benefits

    We offer a wide range of insurance products that fit different groups of people. Our products include:

  • Retirement and pension
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance with different dental plans
  • Vision insurance
  • 401k
  • Section 125 cafeteria plans
  • HSA
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care
  • Large group health insurance
  • Small group health insurance
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    Why Taylor Benefits

    We are the best insurance brokerage firm in the country. We are able to create specialized services that will ensure that you and your employees get the best from your health cover.

    Our wide network of providers makes it easy for us to find you a suitable provider in the shortest time possible thus saving you both time and resources.

    We treat all our clients as family. That is why we have come up with a number of complimentary services such as Cobra administration through a 3rd party administrator.

    We will also ensure that you get the most competitive rates on insurance policies in the market, by actively reviewing our carriers so that we only retain those who have the friendliest of rates.

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    Written by Todd Taylor

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