Anniston Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefit Plans

Anniston Group Health Insurance & Employee Benefits Plans

In Anniston, Alabama, as is the case in most communities, people feel the burden of expensive healthcare. It’s a significant portion of the household budget for many workers. Due to that circumstance, your decision as an employer to offer workplace-based coverage can provide a tremendous boost to your employees’ financial stability.

Providing health benefits for your employees is a great way to enhance your recruiting and retention efforts. As the Anniston City job market becomes increasingly competitive, you don’t want to overlook this ideal method of improving your company’s community profile.

Group Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

Employer-sponsored group health insurance is an attractive benefit for your employees. It’s a costly benefit, but your company may have access to tax deductions to recoup some of the cost. Of course, depending on the number of workers you employ, the ACA may or may not require that you offer coverage. Taylor Benefits Insurance understands the challenges you face in providing this competitive benefit to your workforce while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

Anniston, Alabama, Large Group Health Insurance Plans

In Alabama and across the country, health insurers pass along cost increases to their client companies, who decide whether to pass them on to the employees who subscribe to the insurance plans. Large companies, which typically share the cost of premiums (employer contribution) with their workforce, are seeing an average annual increase of five percent due to surging demand for services and across-the-board inflation. Yet some companies may hesitate to increase the share that employees pay as the fight over top talent continues to heat up.

If you are trying to hold costs and premium shares down, consult your Taylor Benefits Insurance representative to discuss large group health insurance plan options, including high-deductible Alabama health plans and self-insurance. The process of signing up for a group plan with Tylor Benefits Insurance is fast and easy.

Anniston, Alabama, Small Business Health Insurance Plans

SHOP is the acronym for the Small Business Health Options program that the Affordable Care Act created to help smaller companies offer small business health insurance to their workers. A large employer with up to fifty employees can use SHOP to evaluate plan options and determine if they qualify for a tax credit or any other support. Of course, your Taylor Benefits Insurance consultant is well-versed in SHOP eligibility and always happy to help you navigate the rules and choose a minimum essential coverage that is affordable for your business.

Small business health insurance can allow you to give your workers one or more plans to choose from, and you can also include dental coverage if desired. It’s up to you whether dependents can enroll and how much of the premium you want to subsidize (if any.)

Of course, with small businesses with fewer than fifty employees, you don’t have to provide insurance. Still, many companies find that top talent wants the option of company-affiliated insurance coverage.

Anniston, Alabama, Employee Benefits Plans and Employee Benefits Packages

These days, small and large businesses compete for workers in a tight job market. As inflation rises, continuing to increase wages may not be the best solution, so employers look instead for innovative ways to enhance their benefits packages. Studies across the U.S., including Alabama, show that workers consider their benefits an integral part of the overall compensation package when evaluating a job offer. So, what can you do to stand out?

First, ensure to offer health insurance, paid time off, and retirement assistance for a benefits package. After that, choose some add-ons that appeal to the demographic you target for your workforce. For example, maybe you have a concentration of recent college graduates who would welcome help with student loan debt. Matching those loan payments is one increasingly popular way to support workers who are overburdened with debt and feel unable to contribute to their retirement plans.

Some benefits don’t cost much at all. For example, many employees strongly desire flexible hours, remote work options and coverage that requires minimum participation. Depending on your organization’s requirements, allowing team members to alter the traditional schedule or work in a hybrid office/home location might not carry a financial cost. But in return, you could reap the reward of an engaged, dedicated team.

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Who Are We?

Taylor Benefits Insurance is an independent group health insurance brokerage with 30 years of experience. Our mission is to assist your company in finding appropriate group plans and employee plans and consequently help you remain competitive.

Our consultants take the time to understand your company and evaluate your options before providing you with a plan that meets your goals. We also offer a comprehensive review of your existing group health coverage options.

Our agents will help you design a plan to meet your employee benefit goals. We will help you increase your appeal to top-quality employees by designing a custom plan for your Alabama business.

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Insurance Products By Taylor Benefits

Taylor Benefits group health insurance and employee benefits plans include:

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Our custom group health insurance and employee benefits plans will help you achieve a balance between your bottom line and the needs of your Anniston City employees.

Why Taylor Benefits?

Let’s be honest. Managing your employees’ benefit plans can be draining and counterproductive for you. Taylor Benefits can administer your employee benefits for you, letting you focus on your business while providing top-quality support for your workforce.

We are an independent agency working in partnership with the top-rated insurance providers in Anniston City and beyond to give you affordable insurance planning services.

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