What Is the Definition of a Large Group Health Plan?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 16:41 Posted by Admin

For decades, insurance agencies have designed their group health and benefit plans for businesses according to group size. There are health insurance plans designed for both small and large businesses. The group size of a business is usually state mandated and the insurance laws will also vary according to state. In most cases, a business with 50 or less employees is considered small in size. Some states consider a business with 100 or more employees as large, meaning

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What Is Considered a Large Group for Health Insurance?

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 Posted by Admin

  The size of your business is determined in a couple ways. In regards to insurance plans, your business is split by group size. The group size of a business is set by the state it’s located in as well as the insurance industry. This helps insurance agencies fulfill the needs of businesses better so that all hard working, full-time employees receive fair, affordable and satisfactory care for them and their families. Large Group for Health</p>
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